Michael Jordan Speaks (Some More)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back we saw a video from 2K Sports promoting NBA 2K14 in which Michael Jordan made some news by proclaiming he could beat LeBron one-on-one if they played in their primes. In part two of this interview, released yesterday, Jordan picked the four players he would want to play alongside (including one surprise choice — a Tar Hell, no less), his favorite Air Jordans, his most memorable dunks, his best year, why he wore number 23, and more.

VIDEO: Michael Jordan Uncensored, Part 2


  1. Leggo HEAT says:

    Damn PC was left out on these next gen graphics 😦

    • lbj says:

      are you joking MJ? you said you can beat the king “LeBron” in one on one match up, I guess not possible LeBron can play all positions and can guard all positions too. You can score dimes to LeBron but LeBron can score too. The big difference is LeBron can guard you but you can’t guard him. 5 years from now LeBron will be the GOAT putting MJ as 2nd to him! Remember this day!

      • LAKERNATION!!! says:

        Depends on if there was a ref or if they were calling their own fouls. And if they were playing pre-1995 defensive rules, or post 1995. LeBron whines like a 90 pound school girl at the slightest hint of contact, whereas MJ relished the contact and physical play. And remember LeBron got shut down by a 34 year old Kobe at the end of last years all star game, a healthy MJ in his prime would dominate LBJ. No question!

      • x says:

        i’m a lebron huge fan since the day of his cavs, but i think MJ is still the best, even the truth, Paul Pierce can shut down LBJ in their last meeting, no one can stop MJ !

      • raymond says:

        Not true. You sound like one of the kids who never saw the way the game was played when MJ played it. Lebron doesn’t have the footwork too Guard MJ. He’s not as great a one on one defender as everyone gives him credit for. He’s a heck of a team defender but not a great one on one defender. Also people make a huge deal about Lebron being too big. MJ was pushing 220 in his prime and was one of the strongest players in a more physical league then we have today. The numbers Jordan put up he put up playing a lot of year with the absence of the flagrant foul. With the ability to hand check, rooting in the post was still legal, the hard hedge was still legal. Lebron cries if his headband moves an inch. He wouldn’t beat a prime Kobe lt alone Jordan. Matter of fact I’ll go one further. He wouldn’t win a best of 10 against a prime T-mac or Vince Carter. We seen him get torched game after game by a fat, slow Paul Pierce a few years ago in the playoffs!

      • lebaby fans r stoopid says:

        Another blind lebaby fan. No way lebaby could ever handle MJ. real man vs big kid. real man always wins

      • martinez says:

        answer two question please
        how old are you? did you witness mj’s entire career?

        in his prime, mj would crash lebron, no doubt about it, get reall

      • Michael says:

        LeBron who? MJ anytime.
        In 5 years time, when Wade and Bosh are getting older, Heat will be another one man team like the Kobe’s Lakers.
        LBJ can win titles, awards, records, but he can’t win respect.

      • Witness says:

        please lakernation. KB fouled him on the 2nd one holding his offarm down so he couldnt get off the shot, which they wont call in An All star game. The first one you could tell it ws dumb that KB was even going fullcourt all the way. HE was going 150% at LBJ and LBJ just kind rolled his eyes and went about 75%. I seen a couple other players shakin their heads too. NOONE was going that hard in that game. But KB had to just try to do something Hollywood which just looked dumb LOL If LBJ was actually trying he wouldnt have blocked him. Other thing is LBJ has smacked KBS shots around way more than KB has to him so dont matter

    • MJfanatic says:

      Lebron is Overrated! MJ would win one on one hands down! Heck he’s not even the best SF to play that would be Bird.

      Better shooter from 3’s and free throws, better rebounder avg 10 per, better in clutch moments, better IQ, one on one i would venture Bird would beat Lebron. Bird would post him up and Lebron isn’t bigger than Bird either. His speed would be negated and Bird performs better when its a shoot out. Basketball skill and IQ beats athleticism any day.

  2. MJ will always be a NBA legend! No matter how much he is talked about or the amount of interviews he will do in the future, he is the standard bearer of an “Ultimate NBA Player!”

  3. micah says:

    I wish Mike would become a sports commentator.

  4. LemW says:

    MJ looks more like his dad everyday.

  5. LakersFan says:

    It’s simple as this, there will never be another Michael Jordan. Not just based on his championships & awards, but on the WAY he played the game. He made crowds hold their breath, and amazed people worldwide. Lebron James will surely be a player to remember, but never a “Michael Jordan”. The only player that is close to that is Kobe Bryant, and that’s still arguable. Point is, Michael Jordan will always be the one, everyone else is just another player, sure some good, even great like Lebron and Kobe, but never LEGENDARY like Michael Jordan.

    • 17CelticsBanners says:

      EXACTLY no one will ever be as good as mj in the way he plays and wins. LeBron can ball but not like mj.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      I would have to agree there will be no player that is even close to to the player that MJ is, dont get me wrong there are some dang good players but none of them GREAT players like MJ was

    • Witness says:

      Kobe isnt even CLOSE to LBJ let alone MJ LOL. LBJ is better than KB ever WAS, IS, or WILL BE. Your right there wont ever be another Michael Jordan and his LEGACY. The way his career played out noone will retire twice and have 2 3 peats in between tho I dont think. But that doesnt mean as far as greatest PLAYER than LBJ can’t become that sorry. LBJ will make his OWN Legacy.

  6. Crucian45 says:

    I find it funny when people bring up LBJ vs MJ… Competition is none, you have the GOAT versus a up and comer.. Keep on winning your MVP Lebron, come talk when you have two 3 Peats back to back..

  7. sports fan says:

    I’d like to know how much that no. 12 jersey is worth.

  8. Simon says:

    MJ Couldn’t mark lebron? r u seriouse? Jordan’s far too smart, even if lebron had the physical advantage he doesnt have the bball brain of lebron. MJ could exploit any players weakness no matter how small it was. He would find a way to beat him you can count on that

  9. cordier2 says:

    Are you kidding Crucian45? why do people always go to that? if that is true then Bill Russell is the greatest of all time, not to mention the guys that Jordan had on his teams is WAY to overlooked. Lebron is not MJ neither is Kobe, Jordan complained to Stern until the NBA changed it’s rules so that he could get past the Pistons, then he finally won. Everyone thinks Jordan played in a tougher era, go look at footage and be the judge because it’s no different just more hard fouls when going to the basket and that’s it.

    • asdf says:

      Well, LeBron’s offense is based on drives 90% of the times, so he won’t be nowhere near as good in the 90s as he is right now. It’s not only about the rules, but about the fact you had so many big men that were great defensively.

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      Bill Russell didn’t get 6 rings in 6 straight full seasons (remember MJ left for 1 and a half seasons)…
      Lebron has Wade and in my opinion an over rated – for his paycheck and publicity – player in Bosh…he also has Ray Allen coming off the bench – no excuses, they MUST 3-peat for him to be considered close to MJ.
      And read your last sentence – “more hard fouls allowed when going to the basket” – that equals a tougher era! Gotta read what you write kid 😉
      Never saw MJ whinge about not getting fouled…EVER.
      No disrespect to Lebron – he has the best chance of ANYONE in today’s game to come close to MJ, but his maturity has to match his other-worldly talent. If Kobe returns like Kobe of 2009 there’s an argument there 😉

    • Oz says:

      LoL, you can’t even touch the guys in today’s era, so to say Jordan’s era was not tougher than today is a load of BS! Lebron is the biggest baby when it comes to fouls on him. Lebron does not have the mental toughness that MJ has, not even close! Jordan did not have to join a team with other star players in their prime to win a championship, unlike Lebron!

      • Witness says:

        Get over it. that argument is so played out. You guys that say that have NO CLUE what your saying about superstar teams. ALMOST every single championship team in NBA HISTORY has had multiple All Star. Does NOT matter if it was through the draft or through Free Agency. So please just stop making yourself look dumb.

  10. Simon says:

    brain of jordan not lebron sorry

  11. Antonio Perez says:

    finally a Laker fan speaks the truth
    I agree with you 100%
    Michael will say to LeBron you can’t stop me

  12. Teddynyc says:

    Generally , Uncultivated guys prefer LBJ. Well educated guys prefer MJ, Kobe.. This is very true..
    LBJ can’t even take the responsibility … Learn to shoot first…

    • castrovi says:

      Great I must be a genius and my scholared colleagues must be the imbeciles.. smh what a stupid comment u just posted

    • AL says:


      Good joke TeddyBear

    • DaneeB says:

      Learn to shoot??? LBJ shot better in the past 2 years than MJ ever!

    • MJfanatic says:

      LBJ should be compared to other SF. And the greatest SF ever to play has to be Bird. Better shooter in 3’s and Free throws. better rebounder 10 per game avg. , better in clutch moments, better IQ of the game. Lebron is overrated and lost to Dirk when he played like Bird reincarnated. And as good as he is supposed to be got lucky to win against the spurs last year. Game 6 should have been a spurs championship.

      • Witness says:

        nah just only to u haters it should’ve been. Sorry Heat won because they were the better team. just deal with it

  13. Eric says:

    Jordan people! Michael F’n Jordan! there will never i mean never be another! I’ve seen every game Jordan played from 1995 on and half if not more of the games prior to 1995. Nobody has ever come close to Jordans will to win! Yes he was gifted physically and mentally but it’s his killer instinct and will to win or his hate to lose attitude that will never again be repeated! There is no arguement as to who is better. I wish i could live another 100yrs to see if anybody even comes close.

  14. Tom says:

    two completely different players.

    LBJ is a beast and will retire from the game as one of the greatest but maybe its just me but you don’t get the same sort of hysteria from LBJ’s contemporaries as MJ did in his prime..

    for me, the one thing that MJ had in spades was X factor and that is something that you can’t teach..

    both are competitive animals and a 1 on 1 would be insane..

    LBJ would beat Kobe but I’d pick MJ over LBJ quite comfortably.

  15. Alastair says:

    What does GOAT mean?

  16. gocharles says:

    The difference between MJ and the rest (Kobe or LeBron particularly) is simple. MJ never played on a championship team where any other player was double-teamed but him. Kpbe had double-teamed Shaq and LeBron had to team up with DWade and Bosh to have a title shot. MJ never had any of his teammates double-teamed, meaning he had to carry that offensive load not just for a season but an entire career and he won 6 of 6 finals with 6 MVPs. Neither Kobe or LeBron should be mentioned in the same context as MJ. Kobe is a great player but I don’t see him taking a non-championship team like the Bulls of late 80s to 6 titles in 8 years. Same for LeBron, he so much lack leadership and guts he had to buy championships by teaming up with the players he should actually be competing against.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      Could not have said it any better

    • Witness says:

      LOL Your too young to have watched MJ’s Bulls in his prime then or at anytime apparently. Scottie Pippen got double teamed MANY MANY times throught their careers. Also MJ’s teams were loaded with shooters that still helped keep doubleteams away from and it was LOADED with BIGS too. 3 7 footers at once actually on alot of the champ teams. Im in no way saying MJ didnt get double teamed. Hell sometimes he was triple and quadruple teamed. But go back and watch some video and look stuff up at least so then you might actually have a clue what youu were talking about.

  17. kudekamarko23 says:

    What have you done Michael with all the sneakers.and can you send me one pair i dont have money to buy one,

  18. Buddy says:

    gotta luv MJ

  19. AusStar says:

    How many times has Lebron been defensive player of the year? How many times has Lebron been in the 1st NBA defensive team WHILST leading the NBA in Scoring? Jordan worked harder than anybody and if the game was lost it took it personal. Day in and Day out he was a competitor.

    Lebron is very very good, but Jordan is just better. The difference between winning and losing and out of the two who do you think wanted to win more?

  20. cordier2 says:

    First off, Lebron’s game isn’t to shoot first, it’s to create the best possible play regardless, second of all Lebron has a better percentage of game sealing and game winning shots than both MJ and Kobe. Uneducated people are blind to many different aspects, if you were a fan of the sport rather than a fan of the past you might notice these things. And finally, I am not saying Lebron is the greatest right now, in the future he may be recognized as that, but MJ is and might always be the best just based on timing along with all of his accolades. That being said, don’t be blind to the fact that Lebron, and Kobe for that matter, are great, or that MJ is clearly above all because he is not. When you look at teammates, era, rings, individual accolades, and statistics you can see where players stack up against each other. Just don’t be naive to greatness.

  21. Yu-Liang Chu says:

    MJ Is the Greatest player of all time period. Leborn on the other hand, might ends up as the most perfect player of all time. Just my 2 cents.

  22. Yu-Liang Chu says:

    MJ will definitely remains as the Greatest Player of all time at least for the foresesable future. However Leborn might end up as the most perfect player of all time. They are completely two different types of players. Just my two cents.

  23. Jumppong says:

    @ lbj well lebron doesn’t even know how to shoot a fade away. MJ is the Best.. time will come Lebron will lose compare to Jordan he retired as a Champion.

  24. boobies says:

    5 MVP, 6 FMVP, 10 Scoring titles, ROTY, 6 Rings, 3 ASMVPS, 2 Gold medals, 2 Slam dunk champ, 3 steals champ, DPOTY, HOFer and 30+ PPG average over 15 seaons.

    Who is Lebron?

  25. Chan John says:

    MJ is one of the most competitive athlete ever. A competitive athlete always wants to prove he’s the best and wants to beat his rival. He sees LeBron as his only true competition for best ever but knows he can’t prove it in a game and it’s killing him so the only thing he can do is give credit to some guy (kobe) who he knows will never be the greatest and tries his best to make LeBron looks weak since he sees his reign as greatest coming to an end. LeBron, MJ has only confirmed your greatness.

    • weezyt says:

      Yes!!!! Exactly Leborn & MJ are not even the same type of players…. it is very disgusting that people forget about a Scottie Pippen, Jordan did not win until Scottie came…. Jordan never ever won a game by playing 1 on 5….I wish people would stay in this era and let the past be the past,,,, there really is no perfect way to determine who is the greatest of all time,,, but, when I turn on my TV now to watch the NBA, Jordan is not playing so he really is a non-factor to this NBA on the court anyway.,,….If Jordan’s basketball IQ is so high,,,what is up with the Bobcats?

    • Witness says:

      Perfectly said Chan John

  26. Jamesleebron says:

    Funny, finally Lakers are saying: MJ is the GOAT.
    Well, MJ is indeed the true GOAT. But a couple of years ago — LAKERS’ fans keep on saying KOBE is better than MJ.hahaha. And now it is Lebron being left to compete vs. MJ as he still young and maybe capable (while KOBE is now indeed a FADING star and got no chance at all of chasing MJ’s greatness, as He & Lakers’ fans ever wish before).

  27. nbaaus says:

    if kobe gets number 6 without phil jackson, beating lebron in the finals kobe will be the GOAT and lbj will have no case.

  28. Oz says:

    LoL, you can’t even touch the guys in today’s era, so to say Jordan’s era was not tougher than today is a load of BS! Lebron is the biggest baby when it comes to fouls on him. Lebron does not have the mental toughness that MJ has, not even close! Jordan did not have to join a team with other star players in their prime to win a championship, unlike Lebron!

  29. DRLOGAN says:


  30. Faba says:

    @DRLOGAN Durant are you serious?? Even Duncan is more exciting than Durants pull up threes and he always try to sell a foul so he can go like ten times a game to the charity stripe…Durant please …

  31. ListenToReason says:

    You ‘ol got me laughing. Let it go. MJ is not in his prime and therefore it will never happen. Put the one on one talk away. You can continue to talk about the GOAT but it is too early for that – wait for Lebron to finish playing.

  32. truth says:

    MJ is the goat until lebron gets another 4 rings..
    the only difference is that player are more athletic these days, than in the 80’s 90’s
    larry bird wouldnt even be an athlete in this era.. plain and simple you need to have muscle to play in todays league
    as great as mj is, its sad that he talks down on lebron, beating him, picking kobe over him…. the man is frightened that his records are falling to lebron and that lebron might one day be considered GOAT

  33. Tem says:

    Lebron is no challenge to jordan i agree with that, but when it comes to teams, i believe the miami heat can beat jordan’s bulls team in their time. Lebron can do it all, he is a team superstar while jordan is the greatest solo player in NBA. there is one thing i can say : jordan is very good in making baskets and highlight realms, so clutch and he became a legend, while lebron the best basketball player to ever play in a game. i respect both of them they are legends.

  34. James perri says:

    Most of the people making comments about who would win between mike and Lebron knows nothing about that era. It was Mikes era were they made hand checking illegal. It was know more rough than then it is now. And they didn’t have zones back than. So quit making so much noise if people hit mike like they foul Lebron they would be put out of the league. So quit talking about what you heard and what you hear the old timers talking about just because they can show you a play or two where hard fouls where committed doesn’t mean the game was always played like that. Lebron is bigger faster and better and had he played back than he would rule like he does now but even more so. So haters and the rest shut the F-up. Mike was great and Lebron is great!!!!

  35. KidFischer says:

    Gran’ dad will say Bill… Dad will say Michael and youngsters will say Lebron. All from diff era and had different skill sets. Basket ball is a team sport. Of the 3, who makes their teammates better? Stats can sometimes be misleading, so can flashiness. Tim is not exciting to watch but he is one of the greatest, just check his stats. Who is more flashy than Vince? Michael is a great clutch shooter because the games were close… Lebron usually dominate and blow out teams… no need for clutch. Is it about rings? how many does Robert Orey have? Is he as good as any of the 3?

  36. DanGham1 says:

    Why does anyone care about the winner of the 1v1 between MJ and Lebron….basketball is 5v5. All these young bloods…

  37. Kobe Fan says:

    Kobe is the G.O.A.T. LBJ isnt even close to the conversation. I dont know why people go from MJ to LBJ and skip past Kobe it doesnt make any sense. Win a few more rings Lebron, Play a few more years Lebron, Score 81 in a game Lebron, then we can talk. As of now its Kobe and MJ thats it. With all this commercial bull Lebron has been pushed forward without earning his title as ‘King’.

  38. gocharles says:

    LeBron is bigger and faster but not better. Joining forces with other superstars to win championships is self defeat if you know anything about human psychology. Being the greatest in any sport goes beyond the ball skills, dunking or scoring. LeBron is very good (size advantage) and Kobe is great but MJ had the command of basketball, MJ is magical!

  39. Austin says:

    If you guys are saying LBJ switched the team just to win championship and MJ would have won championship without supporting cast…so how come Jordan didnt win the championship with Wizards…He wouldn’t have done it without Pipen and Rodman simple as that…I bet anyone here if MJ didnt have supporting cast he would have moved on…so everyone needs a supporting cast i guess thats why KG moved on to Celts and now in Nets… even Kobe needed Shaq and then Pau Gasol….I am not saying LBJ is as great as MJ but he is getting there…..

  40. Kevo says:

    Thank you DanGham1, finally someone who gets it… Everyone needs to stop comparing MJ and LBJ. Both great players in their own right, but different eras. You really can only compare them by stats.

  41. Richard says:

    Really guys, LBJ James is the best player there is right now. He has 2 rings in a row. 2 MVP awards. But to compare him to MJ ? Please don’t ever go to that debate anymore. Larry Bird said it himself when he said he just saw God disguised as Michael Jordan. Remember back then when you were watching the Jordan era, seriously do you know any other players at that time who could empty out the streets or stop people whatever they were doing just to watch him play. Jordan paved the way for all the young stars now who are earning millions of dollars with endorsement deals. You can even ask LBJ why he was wearing the number 23 when he was in Cleveland. Guys you have to give respect to where credit is due. Kobe and LBJ are both phenomenal players . Both worthy of being demigods. But MJ will always be the GOAT.

  42. NerfballGM says:

    One-on-one is like a cage fight or wrestling. Yeah LeBron would give Michael a difficult time..
    But we’re talking the “game” of basketball, right.?! MJ MJ MJ MJ MJ MJ MJ MJ MJ all day.!!

  43. Dj Transition says:

    MJ still the best and I’m a huge Miami fan. MJ just had that extra gear. Kobe in his prime can get the closest to MJ, Lebrons still got a ways to go. The 3peat would help him out tremendously #LetsGoHeat

  44. P says:

    my main thing is that MJ get away with a lot of fowl and the leauge favor him but LBJ has to fight for himself calls do not favor him as matter of fact calls go against him

  45. Leggo HEAT says:

    Miami HEAT 3peat yes whoooo!!! But MJ is still GOAT, just saying…

  46. gocharles says:

    The problem with LeBronians is that anybody who makes sense and exposes LeBron’s shortcomings is regarded as hating. The truth of the matter is if you take away LeBron’s physicality, not only will I choose Kobe over him, I’ll also choose several other players over him including DWade. From a physicality standpoint LeBron is a beast that can’t be matched, but from an all round balling and finesse standpoint is MJ (first), Kobe (distant second), then Lebron, then the rest.

  47. gocharles says:

    Basketball skill and IQ beats athleticism any day. Larry Bird says “I’ll play with Kobe to win and play with LeBron to have fun”. Magic Johnson said MJ will destroy LBJ 10-0 in a one-on-one. And MJ was like “Kobe or LeBron?” Kobe. How can you be the greatest if you’re not even commanding the respect of the greats? And don’t tell me all these great players are hating on LBJ.

    • Witness says:

      no magic didnt say he would destroy him. sorry. Those things were also said by Bird before LBJ won, which he would’ve in Cleveland had he had multiple all stars and great teams around him like KB had LOL. SOrry once again just keep hatin

  48. gocharles says:

    Basketball skill and IQ beats athleticism any day. Larry Bird says “I’ll play with Kobe to win and play with LeBron to have fun”. Magic Johnson said MJ will destroy LBJ 10-0 in a one-on-one. And MJ was like “Kobe or LeBron?” Kobe. How can you be the greatest if you’re not even commanding the respect of the greats? And don’t tell me all these great players are hating on LBJ because each of them have more championships than LBJ in a leading and convincing manner.

  49. gocharles says:

    @ Witness:
    Pippen wasn’t double-teamed the way Shaq was double-teamed that allowed Kobe to have offensive flow, Pippen wasn’t double-teamed in a way that allow MJ offensive freedom. Logically, if Jordan was always double-teamed or tripple-teamed in some cases, there is not enough players in the opposing 5 to always double-team Pippen as well. It’s simple arithmetic!

  50. gocharles says:

    LeBron runs into defender on a basketball court like a Running Back on a field football field, but guess what, he is the one shooting free throws. The NBA today is manufactured and so is its superstars. LeBron of today would have been a Charles Barkley or Karl Malone in the MJ era.

  51. gocharles says:

    Stop calling people haters. Articulate your points if you have any, you bunch of illiterate shallow fools.

  52. Go24 says:

    if jordan didnt retire… he may register 8 championship rings i bet that…. and i bet also that LBJ cant do that

  53. Dblghost says:

    Ppl who say that Lebron shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan are doing just that. mentioning him in the same sentence…. nobody ever asks if Steve Smith is as good or will be better than Jordan simply because he’s not…. If Lebron or Kobe weren’t close to Jordan in some way nobody would be arguing about it…. Again nobody debates if Glen Rice or Paul Pierce is as good as Jordan….
    Anyway does anyone remember who Lebron got to the 2007 Finals with in Cleveland???? hardly…. he took a weak team with no support….. and who was the coach??? Definitely not Phil Jackson…. He was only 23….. Jordan got to the Finals when he was 27 and been in the league about 7 years already and with a good coach and supporting cast.
    We all know Jordans the GOAT…. even Lebron knows that…. but give Lebron the credit he deserves and stop hatin!!!!

  54. MJ is a legendddddd – lebron has a while to go to build that legacy

  55. gocharles says:

    I give LBJ his credit as he has shown that he is a force. But to say he is the greatest of all time over MJ is far fetched and premature.

  56. Nate says:

    MJ in his prime would smash James. He could do it all. James would score on him but even in his fading years that fade away jumper was lethal. He beat Bird and Magic in their primes.

  57. Red says:

    Heart, Jordan had it in every game and lbj does not even know what people mean by the term heart. You can’t teach it. You can not acquire it. Heart is something inside you that makes you want to play every minute of every game with every once of ability you have in your arsenole of skills.

  58. Jonathan says:

    You can’t be GOAT if you flop around like a marionette.

  59. EDH says:

    For those of you who think that this era is better than the 80’s or 90’s, please take a look at the big men
    Pat Ewing
    Akeem the Dream
    David Robinson
    Rik Smits
    Robert Parish
    Hell…even ShaQ ( in his prime)
    Are you trying to tell me that these guys couldnt thrive or dominate in this era? Please!!!!! Big men like Dirk who depend on a jump shot can’t sustain championships over a long period of time. You didnt want to come down the middle on these guys.