Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 3

VIDEO: Referee Joey Crawford gives a towel boy a hard time in this week’s nominees

First off, a tip of the hat to Shaqtin’ MVP JaVale McGee who is out indefintely with a stress fracture in his leg. Get well big fella! But don’t despair, Shaq still has plenty of material to work with this week. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. ? says:

    WHUT? No Dwayne Wade?

  2. nino says:

    i think there’s nothing wrong with shumparts flop because come on, you can’t just throw your elbow around. what’s iman supposed to do? run right into it?? of course you’re going to dodge that (even though he did exaggerate a little haha) but if we have an anti-flop rule now we should also come up with some sort of anti elbow throwing rule or whatever..

  3. AnnoYouLater says:

    that heat fan is disgusting what the hell was he doing…

  4. Bgcelticsfan says:

    What? No D. Wade FT? No Lebron dribbling off his foot against a rookie? Shaq, you can do better than that, man!

  5. GY says:

    no wade?WTF

  6. hagai says:

    agree with ‘Bgcelticsfan’.
    “What? No D. Wade FT? No Lebron dribbling off his foot against a rookie? Shaq, you can do better than that, man!”

    looks like is afraid to takle the rich boys. let see you doing something about them for a change. on some weeks we have seen a airball FT in shaqtinafool.

  7. Fly says:

    Nooooooo! I got excited for a second there when I saw Crawfords picture and the words “throwing in the towel”. What a shame! That dude should call it quits together with stern and the league will be in better shape!

  8. Joel says:

    The D-Wade blunder is not here?! Are you kidding me?!

  9. Ba_lon_ces_to says:

    And Bennett against Wolves? (Last second and inbound the ball to your teammate)

  10. jwt7000 says:

    It’s strange that neither D-Wade’s weird free throw, Ibaka punch on Blake Griffin and even Harden flop against Blake Griffin made it to the top 5 this week.

  11. Mark Dave Dizon says:

    a technical foul on the Mop Boy?..


    • Hazmataz says:

      Why not Blake Griffin? He escaped 2 technicals this week. One when he knocked over Corey Brewer on the way to the Hoop then as Corey was getting up, he stepped over him and Corey got T’d up. Then the scuffle with Serge Ibaka, it’s obvious that he held his hand under his arm and pulled him around. Then Barnes reacts to Ibaka even though Griffin caused the whole thing. No wonder Barnes said what he did.

      • Hazmataz says:

        Also in the Wolves – Clippers game, when CP3 gave the ankle breaker move to Corey Brewer. Amazing move but Griffin’s foot tripping Brewer sure helped.

  12. Ben Teh says:

    Where is belinelli scratching his jewels to make they are there?!?

  13. TheAll-Star136 says:

    no JaVale McGee?

  14. Ryan Dayao says:

    Where’s D.Wade? Are serious? Wade would win it..

  15. Daamn... says:

    are you kidding me , D Wade won it for all the weeks this month. No more nominations. Come on Shaq you can do better , you don’t need to be soft on your x-team mate. This is coming from a Heat fan and D-Wade supporter

  16. jowhitee says:

    SERIOUSLY? no Dwayne Wade? C’mon!

  17. jowhitee says:

    where the heck is DWAYNE WADE? c’mon, seriously? no dwade?

  18. freal says:

    Bargnani is the biggest GOOF!! LOL so glad t.o. got ridda him

  19. kicksticks says:

    If I saw an elbow coming at me that fast and that high, I’d flinch and fall on the floor too…

  20. Leggo HEAT says:

    Sorry kids, no DWade, not funny enough 😉

  21. C's nation says:

    No Dwade? really thats really some serious BS!!!

  22. kamyar says:

    d-wade is my favourite nba player and the reason ive been a heat fan for 7 years… but he had the biggest shaqtin a fool moment of all time lol this video should of just had that second free throw 5 times

  23. DaDarkness21 says:

    Bargnani? more like Barn-sloppy

  24. Anıl says:

    What did Wade do?

  25. Leggo HEAT says:

    DWade’s move was a smart but poorly executed move to run the clock down, it’s not foolish it just didn’t touch the ring.

  26. xfactor says:


  27. denis_hawk says:

    D-Wade made Javale look an amateur with his action. (dot)

  28. Rich-What? says:


  29. blackSox says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that there have been no comments suggesting that the Heat fan may have been doing something OTHER than brushing his teeth… that his actions were parts of a fidget characteristic of a certain Miami import… or perhaps such comments have already been removed.

  30. Eddie says:

    Can I see on youtube D-Wade fail?

  31. JD says:

    No DWade bcoz Shaq and DWade is close/good friends…