LeBron Receives Early MVP Vote

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We are still early in the season, but LeBron James, a four-time former MVP, including the last two seasons back-to-back, has already received his first MVP vote. OK, sure, the vote came from his son, LeBron Jr., but still.

LeBron posted the photo of his son’s drawing with the following caption:

Bronny game me this after tonight’s game. One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Love my boys! No matter how my day may have gone they will always put a smile on my face #JamesGang #BronnyJr #BryceMaximus #ProudandLuckyDad

(via TNLP)


  1. I’m glad to see a young influential player like you having a happy family, my prayers to you.!!!

  2. Daddy Jello says:

    Lucky Dad! Same as me!

  3. lbj says:

    No Doubt! this is a land slide victory for our king “LeBron” Get your 5th MVP ring Bron!

  4. Jkwon says:

    That’s sweet ( let’s go LEBRON JAMES ).

  5. Javier says:

    AWW that’s so cute! He’s gotta win the MVP just for Bron Jr.

    Too bad that drawing is the Larry O Brien trophy not the MVP trophy lol

  6. Tyrese Moody says:

    Lebron is a legend he deserves to be MVP He’s got it all

  7. HEATFAN3333 says:

    Why is this a featured post on NBA.com? I like LeBron, but this belongs on TMZ

  8. Kevin Durant Jr says:

    My vote goes out to LeBron too! Sorry pop, you’ll get my vote eventually (in the next 6 years!)…

  9. bhongbiona says:

    not but at all despite very inspiring keep going bron

  10. Lorenzo says:

    LeBron you are a great player and your sons are great drawers & spellers

  11. Lorenzo says:

    Hope LEBRON JAMES and the heat make the finals and get the threepeat. LET’S GO HEAT!

  12. boston rules says:

    bit biased, an MVP nod from your own son…

  13. sonnie127 says:

    MVP LB

  14. Justin says:

    lol, cute but bad grammar. Still I like this a lot!

  15. Javier says:

    Leave it to an idiot named “lebron is overrated” to think this is lame… Have fun being forever alone

  16. NSUK says:

    Don’t ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned- is a hater and a joke =)

  17. Richard says:

    Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological world all is presented on net?