Rasheed Wallace Involved In Impromptu Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I was telling someone over the weekend that Andre Drummond of the Pistons is one of the more underrated NBA players on social media. And if he’s intent on remaining in that rarefied air, he just needs to continue posting funny videos and Vines such as the one below that he posted this weekend. In this Vine, Pistons rookie Tony Mitchell shows off his dunking prowess in an impromptu contest against Pistons assistant coach Rasheed Wallace, who at least makes a run at a dunk here.


  1. lbj says:

    WTF Sheed you’re doing? If you want to get your 2nd ring go to Miami with the king” LeBron” as coaching staff!

    • LIKEMIKE says:

      geeze man he’s just messin around in practice nothing wrong there. Not everybody needs to go to miami to get a ring. All of you bandwaggon heat fans need to shut it, and quit acting like lebrons a god.

  2. lbj shut up rasheed would never join those heat

  3. KoBE4life says:

    @LBJ, seriously stop riding LBJ. He is a magnificient player, but will forever be a notch lower than KOBE and all other greats. Once a again, a superstar doesnt go to another superstar team to win a ring. And dont bring up KG becuase he was not the Minnesota KG when he went to BOSTON. He is the thing we dont know if LBJ would be a great a kobe magic, isiah, micheal, drJ, and bird. An all honesty he is the greatest Clyde Drexpler to play the game…..That is his company. Keep it real.

    • lbj says:

      what are you talking about. KG join boston bec allen,pierce and rondo on their prime even KG. While James on his prime yet when joining to heat and makes him the GOAT now

  4. KoBE4life says:

    sorry fo rthe typos

  5. . says:

    “Kobe4life, lbj, lebron-overrated…” there’s life outside of basketball you know!!!