Who Is The Worst-Dressed Knick?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’re on the lookout for the worst-dressed player on a team, who better to ask than the other players on the team? As such, let’s check in with the New York Knicks to find out who is the worst-dressed Knicks player.

“Come on, World Peace!”

VIDEO: Who Is The Worst-Dressed Knick?


  1. andre hudgins says:

    i love the kid reporters its a good idea and should be more of it

  2. costa says:

    hahahahahaha come on world peace

  3. devinn says:

    the only article about the knicks worth smiling about

  4. DefenseWinsRings says:

    With the way the knicks are playing, those kids should be on the floor

  5. worse dressed knick is lbj

  6. bhongbiona says:

    how about perkins

  7. Dj Transition says:

    Lol funny. A lot of sports athletes wear ridiculous clothing and they know it

  8. bd932 says:

    Metta World Peace hahahahahaha

  9. kriss says:

    Maybe they should start caring about winning games instead of who dressed the best? just an sugestion