Elton Brand Joins Twitter, Quits Twitter

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ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If it seems like everyone is on Twitter these days, that’s because, well, pretty much everyone is. According to Twitter, they have around 232 million users. When it comes to the NBA, I’m guessing about 75-80 percent of the League must be on Twitter. And as older players transition out of the league and give way to younger players, that number will only continue to climb. Especially if the older players who do give Twitter a spin have an experience similar to that of Hawks big man Elton Brand.

Thanks to the Atlanta Hawks Basket Blog, we can check out the ballad of Elton Brand’s total Twitter experience. Brand was the lone Hawks player not on Twitter, until something snapped and on Sunday, he finally signed up as @EltonBrand42. The Hawks welcomes him to TWitter with open arms…

But 24 hours and about a dozen tweets later — and after picking up about a thousand followers — Brand not only signed off, he deleted his entire account, tweeting, “Special Thanks to the Tens and Tens of followers I’ve met since yesterday. This Twitter Stuff is just not for me though. #PeaceAndBlessings.”

According to the Hawks Blog, Brand deleted the account before anyone could chronicle his tweets for posterity. Brand may, however, have a future on the photo sharing service InterGram, as one retweet by Brand’s teammate Lou Williams pointed out…


  1. MMXIII says:

    What a scoop! Stop the press!

  2. Spice says:

    Seriously? Has a future on “Intergram”?

  3. Darnell Lawrence says:

    Elton Brand trash

  4. Baller says:

    LOL doesn’t have social media cause of phobia!

    • The Truth says:

      Correction. Doesn’t have a Twitter account, because he’s got better things to do. Oh, and he’s not a narcissist. We’ve got a whole generation of narcissists – “Look at me. Look at me! I have an opinion, which I can’t spell correctly! LOL”

  5. Muskkyto Prateado says:

    Elton Brand MVP

  6. […] Lang Whitaker, NBA.com All Ball blog:  Elton Brand. I know he’s kind of toiling in obscurity with the Hawks this season, but whenever I see the Hawks play I’m struck by Brand’s versatility and professionalism. It’s hard enough to find quality bigs in the NBA, but to have a guy who can play the 4 or 5, who is smart enough to be physical without immediately fouling out, is a bit of a luxury. Also, Brand would be fun to have around just to explain technology to him. […]