OKC Thunder Fans Are Deadly From Halfcourt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Many NBA teams include promotions at their home games where fans are invited out of the stands and onto the court to attempt a long shot for a nice prize. To be fair, to come out of the stands and attempt even a free throw without any warm-ups or practice shots is hard enough. Shooting a three-pointer or half-court shot? That’s nearly impossible.

Except, for whatever reason, in Oklahoma City. The thunder have a recurring promotion where a fan is plucked from the stands and given the chance to shoot a halfcourt shot for a $20,000 prize. And since last spring, as For The Win points out, four fans have hit halfcourt shots at games to take home the cash, which is rather incredible rate of success.

The fourth and most recent winner came last night, when another fan connected from half-court, this time swishing the jumper.

VIDEO: Thunder fan sinks halfcourt shot



  1. lbj says:

    shooting fan at a half will not give Durant a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron” We will trade some key players, jarvis varnado, james jones, joel anthony plus future 1st round pick!

  2. the real lbj says:

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    PF: BOSH
    C: whoeva

    6th man: half court shooting okc fan

  3. I know the guy, he played a little college ball and some over seas. probably not the biggest shot of his life!

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