Kobe Returns To Lakers Practice

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We found out earlier that Kobe Bryant went through his second practice today with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers used their Instagram account to provide us with visual proof.

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Afterward, the Black Mamba talked about his return and more with the assembled media. Does this mean we’ll see Bryant back in action sooner than we thought? Only time will tell.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant talks after practicing with Lakers on Tuesday


  1. Jakeem Bedminster says:

    keep up the good work kobe we all countin on u and the Lakers to win championship

    • Name requires Gold Account® says:

      Lakers won’t make the playoffs this year, they wouldn’t have even if they had kobe from the start

      • Chinaman says:

        ^ oh really ???

      • jayro says:

        are you sure moron?kobe will change the mode of the team whe his on the court..so dont act you knw the consequence of these season the ball is circle just put that in your empty brain… 😀

      • it’s okay if they don’t make the playoffs this year…next year they’ll get melo and kobe will be getting more jewelry…it’s that easy…and kobe will be fine…just ask dominique wilkins…and after all hes kobe freaking bryant

      • Nick says:

        I love it. Last year, the Lakers were supposed to take it all according to all you experts, and they couldn’t hardly win a game until after the All Star break – but guess what: THEY MADE THE PLAYOFFS. This year they have an excellent bench, they are winning more games to start even without Kobe, yet everyone is saying they’re done. All you experts are wrong again. They will make the playoffs – especially with a healthy Kobe (and hopefully Nash too) and “surprise” everyone with how deep they go.

      • Lawl says:

        Nick you moron hahaha, last year you had a healthy Kobe and Dwight and still didn’t make the playoff till the last day of the season, the current team sucks even more you fool as last season team was suppose to be a championship team and Kobe even had one of the best seasons in the last couple years, this year even with healthy Kobe this team doesn’t make the playoffs you delusional fool the lakers have no bench no nothing hahaha. Last year team is regarded as the biggest busts in nba history.

      • Bhajan says:


    • lbj says:

      Kobe is done! If you want to get your 6th ring to tie with Jordan you need to play with the king “LeBron”. We will trade jarvis varnado, james jones, joel anthony plus future 1st round pick.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: Kobe
      PF: James
      C: Bosh

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Beasley,Oden,Lewis and Birdman Birdman

      3 Peat for the Heat!!!

      • B-Ball4Life says:

        I am a LeBron and a Heat fan but you are really a joke…man!

      • LakeShow says:

        You are an idiot. Allen would stay on the bench with chalmers being starting point and wade sarting sg.

      • MzLee says:

        You need serious help the only Heat names that should be on the list Leron Wade and Allen. first off the lakers reserves are 10 times better than anything the heat have (Cole and Ray Allen maybe beasly aside) dont ever count on Oden the man has played a collective 1 season since 2007. and in no shape on any planet is Chris Bosh better than Pau Gasol. I need my big men to averge a double double and bosh not even close matter a fact Pau is close to average a triplle double.

      • LeBron will never be the best says:

        You are stupid. The math won’t even work. Try the espn trade machine. 1, Jarvis varnado isn’t in the league any more. 2 if you traded j. Anthony, j. jones, n. cole (representing j varnado), and r. lewis (representing the future 1st rounder. the trade machine doesn’t account for draft picks), the heat would still have to pay $20,567,921 too much. You are the epitome of a stupid heat bandwagoner.

      • shaq says:

        kobe better then lebron

      • KobeForLife24-LebronSuck says:

        keep dreamin. just play 2k14. this is not a video game.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      With everybody healthy at a 100% they might clinch the 8th spot but that means going against either the Spurs or OKC in the playoffs and that means bye bye Lakers. Next year might be your last opportunity to get Kobe his 6th ring. Best of luck!

    • Philip Weekie Doe, Sr says:

      Kobe, please bring back your winning spirit

  2. lebronjames says:

    even with kobe the laskers arent going nowhere

  3. Iverson says:

    Practice! C’mon man!

  4. Gillsy says:

    I like that Kobe has been showing some love to Hill. He will be a good player if given consistent minutes. Probably the only player other than Kobe who I would keep at seasons end.

  5. benz says:

    so everytime kobe practices, you have to write about it?

  6. boobies says:

    Laker fans are dumb

    They barely made it WITH KOBE AND DWIGHT???????


    Kobe just wants another $100 million before he retires

  7. Frank says:

    Lakers may not get too far in the playoffs even with Kobe back, and Kobe may not be as dominating when he gets back, but there’s no denying that he has one of the strongest mind and will in NBA

  8. sanaa says:

    Good man Black mamba

  9. kevin says:

    let s go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kevin says:

    lets go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mr.Mike says:

    The Lakers are gonna make the playoffs I bet, there’s good chemistry early on with all the new guys added to the roster.
    Some teams take a whole season to play decent with one another, like for instance (I know it’s comparing east and west here, and going off topic.) I don’t see the Knicks make it too the playoffs.

  12. Mick the Aussie says:

    I’m Sure this a top 5 reason of yours to come back soon Mr Bryant …….
    my fantasy team needs you back ASAP, you will bush the “Hairy Love Machines” over the hump and on to greatness!!!!

  13. FRANK-JOEBOB says:


  14. Boston fan says:

    What about that?Try to get Harison Barnes,Amare and Asik,waive gasol and get courtney lee and jarret jack(and stay with the rest of team)…that with Kobe can be a contender!

  15. ILOVEKOBE says:

    you mean 6th ring?

  16. ILOVEKOBE says:

    Kobe WILL get his 6th ring!

  17. #LAKERS! says:

    Kobe WILL get his 6tH RING

  18. ism says:

    I wanna see Kobe chase some more personal and historic milestones, I don’t think this will be a very winning year team-wise. His situation is much like Dirk’s after the championship. Dirk is better off right now, but the idea of the two teaming up to wreak some old-man havoc is really a thing to behold although they will stay with their respective teams.

  19. kb24 4ev3r says:

    lakers like it wen they’re underdog..lakers can still surprise us!! go lakers

  20. Dante Hall says:

    Some of u people sound insane.. First off you r talking about the best team in NBA franchise history, best team of the 2000 era, and best player of this era (no comparisons necessary).. This is how u send a proven champ out??? And to u Le’Bum James fans, he is media made.. Fast break points doesn’t make u a star in any era.. Let alone a hall of famer to real ballers.. This is has been my coffee early in the morning.. Thanx for the entertainment.. Get well soon Kobe!!! Can’t wait to c the final chapters of your legacy.. GET YO POP CAWN READY!!!

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      @Dante Hall…first of all last time I counted Celtics had 17 Championships and the Lakers 16 so that might be the best franchise over all if you are going strictly championships.
      Best team of the 2000 era is the only thing I agree with probably even though San Antonio was more efficient.
      As far as LeBron James is concerned “only fast break points” are you kidding me.
      Kobe might be the better pure scorer (but not as efficient as LeBron).
      Every other category is dominated by LeBron…REB,AST,FG%,3PT%,BLK, STL,Proven to be more clutch as of late I guess it was on ESPN just behind MJ, Better PIE%, better defensively over all (2nd at DPOY behind Marc Gasol which was ridiculous by the way). LeBron has proven to be the best player right now. He has the overall game.
      Having said that I like Kobe and I want him to come back when he’s 100% healthy because he is a pleasure to watch and it’s good for the game of Basketball (and then are no more excuses for the Lakers).

  21. GeorgianBeam says:

    Kobe you gave me so much energy to dominate Thanks for everything, There is NO doubt you will be back stronger than ever.

  22. Timothy says:

    Kobe Bryant is best player to ever play since MJ, and when he is done he will be the better than MJ. The Black Mamba is going to inject venom into the league. The Lakers will when the Finals this year!

  23. LA4LIFE says:

    Kobe will return strong and thankfully the roster of lakers is showing up a good chemistry but they have a good and bad days but mixing a good chemistry through the season with Kobe might mean a championship next year! Lets go Lakers!

  24. Abinet (Abi) says:

    It is good to hear that Kobe is doing fine. I can not wait untill he plays again. It is not about winning or losing but NBA with out Kobe is like having food with out salt.

  25. dashawn says:

    shut up they would make it over anybody out there kobe the best there is besides MJ

  26. LIKEMIKE says:

    I’m not a Laker fan, but I’m ext excited to see Kobe coming back

  27. Derrick says:

    Kobe for life I miss ya dog can’t wait till u come to town to watch ya play in my lakers kobe jersey in Brooklyn haha peace brother and keep doing your thing for many years to come

  28. Andrew Petersen says:

    Kobe will never retire as anything else but a LAKER even if its a dream team and for more money…that fantasy team crap with the heats is crap… Lebron is good but KOBE is better. Ask Jordan…

  29. omb says:

    2011 0:4 second round
    2012 1:4 second round
    2013 0:4 first round
    2014 – win championship..
    yeah right :))

  30. Village idiot says:

    I cried watching this.We home baby, we home.

  31. Biisson says:

    WOW, don’t get me wrong Kobe is nice, but really people? Playoff talk yes they might make it but getting a ring? Not even looking at the East too many good teams standing between him and that “6 ring” WHICH WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

  32. Tony C says:

    Kobe wants to get Lebron in the Finals so bad. I’ve been watching Lebron since his first nba game and all these nba players want to show the world that Lebron is not as good as all the hype. In Lebron’s first game, an nba player who played against him said he’s better than what you expect (after playing against him). Tim Duncan found out in game 6 when James blocked his shot and then scored on Duncan in the same play. The look of surprise on Tim Duncan’s face after those two plays was priceless. It was as if he thought to himself..”aw damn, we’re in trouble now – he’s better than I thought”. Kobe better be careful if he’s thinking he wants to show the world that Lebron is not as good as the hype. He’s better that the hype and better than you expect. Lebron let Kobe block his shot in the all-star game but in the nba finals, trust me, Kobe will feel the wrath of the king just as Tim Duncan did.

    • Tony C = Ignorant says:

      im sorry but you sound so stupid … lol
      this is not a story book…
      Tim Duncan didn’t “realize” any such thing — your “heat” escaped, twice, both plays NOT by lebron james…
      You probably forgot how many times lebron choked the clutch shot before allen hit the game-tying three..
      you probably forgot that duncan missed the easiest bunny of his life running down the stretch in game 7..
      and. .. you probably forgot you’re an ignorant heat band-wagoner.

    • JW Liu says:

      lol what in the world are you talking about? He made Kobe block his shots intentionally? Let’s see how many in this whole world would agree with that

  33. Ry209 says:

    Respect him no matter what an for all u people how u goin to be mad at him when you never hung out with him never got to know him only threw media lmao u can make anyone look bad on paper, but if thats the type person u are believe what media writes thin u have a long way to go in life lol

  34. sports fan says:

    The Lakers will only have a chance of making the playoffs is if Kobe stays healthy after he returns. Their only chance is making the 8th seed. If they make the playoffs they’ll still get bounced in the first round. BUT making the playoffs will be a feat in itself.

  35. kobe=king says:

    what s with Nick Young s sweat pants?

  36. chris r says:

    Kobe should not play until the end of the season just like Nash. They don’t have to prove nothing once a champ always a champ. Kobe should recruit 2 or 3 High caliber players and prepare to Play for 2 or 3 season after this. It is not his fault if he does not get the 6 ring blame management for not putting the right talent around him for 5 season, roughly the four years after Shaq leftand 1 year under mike brown. Lakers should sign Nash to develop their point guards and shooters. Always help those run mikes system so long as he is coaching there.

    Also the Lakers should sign quality players and leave enough room for flexibility.
    Free agents Lakers should look at : thabo, dirk, Deng, butler, mello, gortat, ariza, oka for, brooks, morrow and someone who is effective from the heat roster.

  37. AUGUSTINF says:

    common guys it lebron eleven years to win a championships,if was that good why it take so long to win trophy,if you guy’s want to compare cobe with lebron y’ou guy’s crazy ?

  38. Johnson92 says:

    Kobe is going to be killin when he comes back. D Rose was suppose to but he kinda lost it. I think when kobe comes back hes going to get his team more involved since he see how they are by him watching them on game day. He has a wing man swaggy P that can shoot and meeks coming in off the bench. #Killing

  39. Just A Kobe Fan says:

    I hate seeing all this championship hype and free agent strategies for the Lakers just because Kobe has returned to practice…..you Laker fans are taking away the appreciation of such an incredible feat that Kobe is pursuing, coming back the way he is from such an injury! Even if they don’t make the playoffs, if Kobe can come back as strong as we all think he can, then he’s a winner in my eyes.

  40. jcyrus says:

    this might be the last season for kobe…

  41. happy says:

    no need to rush it Kobe. hoops

  42. obj you really need to shut up with your horrible bandwagon quotes if you want a real team check the spurs

  43. KobeForLife24-LebronSuck says:

    stop talking about who is the better player KOBE or Lebron. all we know. kobe have the best clutch shooter in NBA today. pretty sure. kobe will have the biggest comeback of his career. not to suppress jordan but to prove the he is still the KOBE BRYANT the real king Mamba. not Lebron the coward.

  44. Sergio Paulo says:

    Lebron is better than KOBE…. not even close…

  45. lakersbigfan says:

    hey…it doesn’t matter wat yo think about the kobe..back in a day kobe was most badazz player on this planet till now…his old but he play like teenage yo…i don’t knw how is gonna go this year but we’ll al see…kobe is kobe always play smart