Rajon Rondo Checks Stat Sheet, Is Baffled By What He Sees

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, with Rajon Rondo out with a knee injury, and with a coach new to the NBA (Brad Stevens), everyone knew this was going to be a rebuilding year for the Boston Celtics. But even with that knowledge going in, it’s been a particularly up-and-down year for the Celts — some games they’ve looked terrible, some games they’ve looked pretty good.

Last night against Houston was one of those terrible nights — the Celts finished the game shooting 32-percent from the field, with nearly as many turnovers as assists. Hey, it happens. So excuse Rondo for looking a bit shocked when he checked out the stat sheet in the middle of the game…

VIDEO: Rondo is stunned by the Celtics’ stat sheet

(via Ball Don’t Lie)


  1. lbj says:

    Boston will be terrible for the whole season people just look them overrated just because they won 4 straight game and thinking that’s it to be a contender team? Rondo still has chance to play with the king “LeBron” to get his 2nd ring. We will trade future hall of famer point guard Norris Cole plus future 1st round pick!

    PG: Rondo
    SG: Allen
    SF: Wade
    PF: James
    C: Bosh

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis,Oden,Beasley and Birdman Birdman

    3 peat for the Heat!!!

    • Chris says:

      First of all, this is stupid.

      Second, Rondo said he would never play for the Heat himself. Don’t believe it? Look it up.

      • lbj says:

        how about we will add some few good men like udonis haslem and michael beasley in trade for Rondo those guys knows their role?

      • kjones082 says:

        The Celtics should trade rondo before the deadline this season and here’s why. The Celtics need to have a completely fresh start, with rondo as their captain he’s liable to make the Celtics better but he is probably not the best vocal leader for the young players coming in, I could see them trading him over to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe and some cash or draft picks.

      • hes a troll obviously lol…rondo will never go to the heat and norris cle is not a future all of famer ahahahaha

    • not again says:

      oh boy… you again with a fantsasy lineup…. like norris cole is a future hall of famer LMAO not even bosh is

      • JCA says:

        Norris has a chance of being a future hall of famer, he improves his game every year. Not even a heat fan but I know a hard worker when I see one.

    • what??? says:

      future hall of famer norris cole…… hahahaha

    • butters226 says:

      ‘…future hall of famer point guard Norris Cole..’ Hahaha that’s a good one

    • xantheus says:

      hahahaha good one!!!

    • GHOST says:

      I don’t see Wade at SF, Allen’s going to have to come off the bench as 6th man, with Battier at Center.

      • Hammad says:

        There is no way Battier can play the Center position. He cannot handle that. Heres what the lineup should look like.

        PG – Mario Chalmers
        SG – Dwayne Wade
        SF – Shane Battier
        PF – LeBron James
        C – Chris Bosh

        HEAT FOR THE 3PEAT!!!!

      • lbj says:

        You’re not watching nba do you? Allen already playing off the bench. Battier can guard Center like what he did to Duncan missed the hook shot in Game 6 that’s they lost. Wade will be in SF postion bec Rondo will be our PG now!

    • clem says:

      Oh yeah? I’ll trade you my 11 years old cousin with asthma for Lebron and Wade. See I’m staying decent, wouldnt dare to ask for “future Hall of Famer Norris Cole”

    • dom says:

      people like you should seriously be banned from the internet.

    • Adam says:

      That is literally one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. I can only hope that you were joking.

    • OldCelt says:

      Yeah, we’ll be bad. But we’ll have a top 3 draft pick and a lot of salary cap space. Keep your hall of famer, when Pacers finish you off in 4 this summer I bet its gonna be your “king” who’ll want to play for us. And we won’t even need to trade a future hall of famer Vitor Faverani to get him.

    • Cordell says:

      Stop it please

    • Goldenboy says:

      Why the heck does Heat need Rondo?

    • Boston fan says:

      My god….god was inspired when he creates you..

    • Fernando says:

      That is the stupidest comment I have ever heard, for SOOOO many reasons. 1. Cole will never be a hall of famer unless they add a kid & play section. 2. Trade would not work because you would need 10Million extra to of salary meaning that you either trade 5 more players from the heat, leaving you with no bench, or trade someone from the big 3. 3 Rondo sucks!

    • Nick says:

      Norris Cole future hall of famer!? I don’t think that’s happening even in Noris Cole’s wildest dreams.

    • jackson phillips says:

      y the hell would u thing that norris cole and a 1st round draft pick would compare to rondo. Rondo even saud himself that hes staying with boston. where do u hear this. Norris Cole and 1stRD pick for Rondo. damn. Cole cant lead a team like Rondo can, he also cant put up the stats that Rondo either. ur basically saying that Rondo isnt a good fit for the Celtics, and Cole is? like how do u come up with that? its like saying lebron is going to LAL. it aint gunna happen. maybe if LBJ decides to come to Boston. thts the only way that Rondo and LBJ will be together. (facepalm)

    • Please, Heat Fans, show a sign of Intelligence says:

      Nobody, including the Celtics team views them as a contender. I am not sure where you are getting this from. Second, one of the reasons that Allen left the Celtics was because of his conflict with Rondo. Why in the world would Rondo go to play for the Heat, He would never do that, because he is something called a “Warrior”. Third, just STOP with the “Join the Miami Heat to finally get a ring, Nonsense”. It is getting really annoying. Fourth, Did you say Future Hall of Famer Norris Cole… I’m Done.

    • Cacanute says:

      Norris Cole, Hall of Famer?! Maybe in that bizarro world in which Lebron is better than MJ. Or Kobe.

    • Cess says:

      Might as well trade for Kevin Durant too, and maybe Paul George. Seriously what is the point of having a tem full of all-stars and win every game, where is the sense of competition? No wonder the NBA its been declining. Basketball was good when you had guys like Jordan against Miller, or Magic against Bird, Olajowone vs Ewing or Robinson. Stars playing and competing against each other…This aint a video game!

    • zavz says:

      lol funny. hall of famer Norris cole………. LOL.
      Keep dreaming. If the Celtics trade rondo it’ll be to a team that has valuable draft picks available.

    • #9 says:

      still, rondo wont play for the heat.

    • Ben says:

      Norris Cole a future hall of famer???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You sir are an idiot.

    • larry oconnor says:

      One of the reasons Ray Allen left was because he couldn’t get along with Rondo. I dont think Miami would reward Allen by bringing his nemesis into the fold.

    • alp says:

      “future hall of famer norris cole” lmao you have no credibilty after saying that foolishness

    • Mike says:

      Norris Cole!!!? Hall of fame!!? Norris Cole!!? Hall of fame!!? The more I say it, the more ridiculous it sounds.

    • monk says:

      Who are you trading to make the trade actually work? Rondo is owed 13 million you’d have to frankenstien your bench at least

  2. Dread says:

    Future HOF cole..??? Ha

  3. to lbj says:

    you are retarted man!!! rondo hates heat, wade lbj and other crying floping punks on that team. heat should play in WNBA beacuse theres no real men on that team…

  4. rakim says:

    Rondo should go to indiana pacers somehow ….

  5. dq says:

    This is hilarious…”future hall of famer point guard Norris Cole” lol…and also if Wade James and Bosh made up their frontcourt then teams like the Bulls or Pacers would destroy the Heat in the paint.

  6. Tersa Rodriguez says:

    Hello this a call for knowledge support from you that are the pro’s. My son is a basketball fanatic and a very good player. Top of his dreams poo is to play at the MBA yet at schools he did tbe try outs and what his coach says he can’t be a player because hes short. Is that obstacle? Please just help me to know hes a honor roll student and had alwayswork very hard just to ffulfill his dream at 12 years old is not fare someone that just for whatever reasons is saying that hes not good. Am so sorry to bother you but people like you have the powerful tools and guide me to help my son thank you god ‘ll blessed you.

    • preston says:

      he is 12 right , have you tried having him play for club teams, height is important but skill is just important too look at nate robinson

    • kjones082 says:

      he’ll get taller if he drinks Mate. there is an accent mark on the e sounds like ma-tay. It is a Brazilian drink. I’m 6’5 still growing just turned 17. It worked for me.

    • heartbeat says:

      inform you son that hardwork defeats height
      – inform your son that God exists

  7. lbjkingboi says:

    Yea boiiiii!!! Weez will getz kevin durant and derrick rose dis year yo so rondo will be commin off duh bench! lbj get yo facs strate!

    center: shaq
    reserves: kobe, wilt, jordan, rose, carmelo, 50 cent, derek jeter

    dang we gone be unstoppable this year wif our roster!

    • Respect says:


      Lakers will resign Kobe and get Jordan, Iverson, Queen Latifah and Yao Ming, BENCH: Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan, Shawn Bradley and Kermit.

      LAKERS CHAMPIONS 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


  8. Sneaky Pete says:

    BAHAHA that was priceless.

    Hang in there rondo, it’s just going to be one of those seasons.

  9. Bird33 says:

    Keep dreamin’ heat-wagon-jumper, keep dreaming’……no Rondo and definitely no 3-peat. They just don’t have the heart of a true champion. All sizzle and “me” players – you need a team to dominate for years, not a collection of individuals.

    The Pacers will be the 2014 Champs. They are a team. It probably helps that they were built by one of the best team oriented players ever to play the game – a player who has succeeded as an All Star, HOFer as well as a Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year. The Legend knows his game…..and his team is going to beat Riley’s this year. You can take that to the bank 🙂

  10. Too Funny says:

    LMAO! Rondo is appalled!

  11. KoBE4life says:

    your horrible man….really…i have never seen someone ride a team like that, this article has absolutley zero to do with the heat, and there is no way plausible for the heat to be able to get RONDO…….no money chief, no money…..

  12. Rondo would NEVER play for the Miami Heat.

  13. Drew says:

    Rebuilding year… yes, for sure. Our best player is out with an injury. But to be 1 game back in the division and ahead of New York and Brooklyn, I’m content as a C’s fan.

  14. Josh says:

    Please somebody do something bout these goofy Heat fans. That first comment is totally crack influenced.

  15. Edward Diener says:

    If you think your guards and small forwards are going to win games taking all the shots and shooting three pointers, you are going to lose big in the NBA. Winning is about rebounding, defense, and taking easy shots close the basket. Olynyk, Faverani, Sullinger, and Humphries need to be on the floor more and plays need to go through them. Having Crawford, Bradley, and Green shoot and miss endless bombs is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully Brad Stevens will figure this out.

  16. bleach4 says:

    Come to the Laaaaakers PLEEEEASEEEEE!!!!

  17. dustydreamnz says:

    I don’t think the Celtics are as bad as most people say despite a few shocking games. When their All Star comes back they will stay away from the bottom of the East.

  18. Dylan says:

    okay because the worst +/- player on all of the play off teams, which happens to be norris cole, is going to be a future hall of famer.

  19. Stephen Hawking says:

    I’m shocked at the fact that people forget to mention the future hall of famer Brian Scalabrine on this subject. Maybe Miami should get him to be their point guard if, as you say, Norris Cole is not enough.

  20. Gillsy says:

    I think Rondo will sit out most of he year. I do agree hat h big men of the Celtics need to be on the floor more. Sully has put up good numbers when playing. Green needs to play he 3 and not he 2 for 35 minutes a night not 20, cause he is a volume shooter. And the coach seams to be trying to make players happy by trying to use very player on h roster for equal minutes each game. Either that or he trys everyone until someone hits a few shots then goes with them. But this is apart of Danny’s idea to tank they got a few wins but hey will be few and far between. Then next year after a good pick or 2, Green will be back playing 35 minutes a night.

  21. keithmon says:

    The Celts are just having a difficult start without R9. As long as they don’t dig themselves too deep ahole waiting for him they will be ok. When R9 comes back the will lead them to the playoffs, hopefully ahead of Brooklyn.

  22. WOW says:


  23. David says:

    Celtic is going through serious crisis, and I dont think Rondo can take them out of this hole.

  24. lbj gone wild says:

    stay away from fantasies yall. IT’S RONDO’S SHOT TO GET THE CELTICS “17TH CHAMP” CAPTAIN
    it’s nut even rational to think he would think of other team……….STOP UR RUMORS, YALL DID NUT EVEN CONSIDERED IN MIND THE OLD C’S BIG 3 OUTTTT…..SO BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: cole a future hall of famer???? OH YEAH THAT’S GREAT SCIENCE FICTION :PPPPPP

  25. hdsnake867 says:

    Anyone thinking that Rondo would ever play for the Heat needs to get his head examined. First off, Rondo hates the Heat and second, don’t forget that Ray Allen and Rondo hate each other.

  26. Deb Sen says:

    Thats a funny pic. It has a captions contest written all over it.

  27. ray says:

    It’s all about 18. Oh wait…

  28. hellon says:

    to lbj:Rajon is no flopper,he hates the Heat…stop dreaming….you wanted every player you read about in here and you probably even don’t knowthem….if this is trolling,it’s not a good one,just annoying…

  29. steagl3 says:

    Rondo will be staying in Boston. Within the next two years Boston can unload all the garbage they got from Brooklyn (or trade it earlier, if possible), they will have tons of cap room, and the flexibility to go after a top tier free agent. Don’t be surprised to see someone like ‘Melo or Harden or LeMarcus Aldridge or Brook Lopez in Boston’s crosshairs before too long. They need to keep Rondo, Green, and a couple other promising young talents like Bradley, Sully and Olynyk and focus on a big time power forward or center to anchor the offense. 2013-2014 will be better, but 2014-2015 is when Boston will really be a contender again.

  30. MJ23 says:

    LMFAO!!! Norris Cole a future hall of famer? you’re on crack. He won’t ever even been an All-Star lmao. you should be on shaqtin a fool man. You’d give Javal McGee a run for his money. SMH

  31. Way to 3 peat says:

    Heat should get rondo for future HOF Norris Cole and 1st rnd draft pick like lbj said it above. Also we should get Truth and KG for Beasley, R.Lewis and Greg Oden. Then we will get Big 3, rio and haslem for starters and former Celts off the bench. You see, that’s the ultimate formula to the 3 peat. Plus, you know, KG and Truth will get to win another ring. Rondo will get a ring too thanks to James, Bosh and Wade.

  32. kareem says:

    this is what gonna happen, rondo will land in lakers someday when nash and kobe retire, then the lakers will add melo or lebron in the team..from that the lakers will start rebuilding their rosters, i hope this workout like that, go lakers!

  33. Boston's better than brooklyn says:

    Hmmm… let’s see…. ooh! Boston’s beating Brooklyn in the standings…. looks like that “title” is not going to happen for them! sorry guys, better luck next time!

  34. jcyrus says:

    brooklyn … not a chance in playoffs ..KG and Paul , there prime is ended already..

  35. TTKIN says:

    This “lbj” guy is so f*cking annoying and stupid.

  36. jep says:

    Whats with all the laughter concerning Norris Cole? Lets give the guy a chance before you discount him like that. The kids got talent and he has some of the best players in the NBA to learn from! He may never be a HOF in the shadow of LBJ and the big 3, but give him a lead role on another team and he could shine!

  37. MC Hunter says:

    i present to you the new “shaqtin’ a fool” superstar: Rajon Rondo

  38. AcrobaticWork says:

    Hahaha, wow, dats disrespectful to say Rondo for Cole nd a 1st round pick. Rondo is da best point guard in the NBA, all he needs is a consistent 3 point shot. Da man averages almost a triple double! Lebrons got height over Rondo nd still cant get triple doubles like Rondo. I want Paul George or Kyle Lowry to come to Boston cuz 1. They need a back up point guard bhind Rondo who can actually run a team offensively. 2. They need a consistent small forward and 3. Both of dem r stat sheet stuffers. 4. Wuts up wit Brad Stevens not playing Marshon Brooks nd Kris Humphries?

  39. h-town fan says:

    rondo to housten make it happen

  40. CelticsAllDay says:

    Boston aint going trade R9 for some loser. When rondos back, celtics will definetley rise. with rondo playing 1, feeding green the ball at corner, as he did to ray allen back in the years, celtics will do just fine!

  41. bigboyfly713 says:

    Norris Cole FHF LMAO. A more than half of these foolish comments can make a shaqtin’ a fool episode video