Rick Carlisle Debuts Gregg Popovich Impression

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Heading into the fourth quarter of last night’s Mavs/Rockets game, ESPN’s Chris Broussard had a couple of questions for Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Unfortunately for Broussard, this was also the exact moment that Carlisle decided to break out his Gregg Popovich impression…

VIDEO: Carlisle Does Popovich Impression


  1. Nick says:

    Awesome. Chris ought to know better than to ask “yes or no” questions!

  2. ism says:

    through all the hardships the mavs went through during the 2 years after their championship rick carlisle never seemed to be the one who had to go. and rightly so. big part of why that organization is one of the best right now.

  3. Bodjee says:

    I have a question for Rick Carlisle and the others coaches in the NBA. How does Tim Duncan get away with so many fouls? He is always pushing opponents and he is never penalize for it.

    • narf says:

      That’s a silly question. You need to realize that ALL players in the NBA are well trained at the art of fouling in a way to avoid getting calls. They all foul each other all the time but are sneaky about it.