Another OKC Thunder Fan Hits From Halfcourt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just the other day we checked in with the Oklahoma City Thunder, where during each home game a fan is taken from the crowd and given one chance to make a halfcourt shot worth $20,000. And while this is supposed to be a novelty, a celebration of futility, these fans in OKC somehow keep making halfcourt shots.

During last night’s game against the Clippers, a fan came from the stands and made a halfcourt shot. That’s the second time this week, and the fifth make in the last 22 attempts. And as it turns out, this fan almost missed his chance entirely: He and his wife were on the search for some hot dogs, but when one stand wasn’t quite ready, they went a different direction and he was selected by the Thunder to try the shot.

His reward for the make? Twenty thousand bucks, as well as a handshake from Jay-Z. Not a bad night at the game…

VIDEO: OKC Fan Scores Again


  1. Chris says:

    To whom it may concern,

    What about having a double or nothing. Make two in a row for twice as much.

  2. lbj says:

    Again hitting a basket at the half from the fan will not give Durant a ring. He needs to play with the king “LeBron” We will trade some key and role players plus future round picks!

  3. pks says:

    they have a higher fg% than anthony bennett…

  4. Celtic Pride says:

    Thunder are contenders, but man, thay need to sign these fans while they are still free agents. 🙂