The All Ball Posterized Poll (Vol. 1)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’re into the NBA’s most devastating dunks, we’ve got you covered over at the new and improved Dunk HQ. But because we’re the All Ball blog and we like to look at the NBA from nontraditional angles, we will focus on the flip side of the NBA’s best dunks: Who got got?

So welcome to volume one of The All Ball Posterized Poll. We will check in from time to time and examine the worst of the best, and use a highly scientific polling method to determine which NBA player got dunked on (a.k.a. posterized) the most egregiously. And at the end of the season we will determine who it is that most belongs on a poster.

To start us off, we have four nominees from the first few weeks of the season, and we checked in with’s own slam dunk specialist, LeMont Calloway, for his informed perspective on the matter. “What I’ll say most about these defenders is that at least they’re trying to show help-side D,” LeMont notes. “There’s a defender or two around the league who wouldn’t even dare, let alone probably couldn’t even make the proper rotation. (Calling you out Boozer!) But, it’s like Bill Walton used to say: What are big men doing trying to take charges anyway?”

1. Marvin Williams (as nominated by JJ Hickson)
LeMont’s Take: “Personally, if you ask me, is this the one? This is the one! The way Marvin falls reminds me of a video game animation. Hands down, one of the nastiest falls after getting dunked on that I’ve seen in a while.”

VIDEO: Hickson dunks on Williams

2. Jason Maxiell (as nominated by Jeff Green)
LeMont’s Take: “Jeff has had a knack for kicking off seasons lately with a poster. Remember, he got Al Jefferson good last November.”

VIDEO: Green dunks on Maxiell

3. Jeff Withey (as nominated by Xavier Henry)
LeMont’s Take: “I’m always going to be a fan of any dunk where the ball is cocked back. Like LeBron’s go-to dunk from his Cavs days. Whether with one or two hands, it doesn’t matter. Those dunks always signify bad intentions to me. Especially with a defender in the way. But what sets Xavier’s apart from the rest is he’s a lefty. It just gives it that added unusual flair and bang to it.”

VIDEO: Henry dunks on Withey

4. Ryan Hollins (as nominated by his own teammate, Blake Griffin)
LeMont’s Take: “Blake’s just running out of league casualties that he’s got to turn to his own team now? Hilarious!”

VIDEO: Griffin dunks on Hollins

Now, we need your vote! Who has been dunked on the worst so far this season?

The Posterized Poll


  1. Tony says:

    I have to go with Henry on Jeff Withney, That was nasty.. Henry should be invited to Slam Dunk contest.

  2. Tyrone says:

    Xaxier – didn’t know he had crazy hops like that.

  3. T-Jones says:

    Where’s Lebron James in this. He got dunked on by Evan Turner.

  4. ihakim23 says:

    Xavier’s dunk was pretty good but i gotta give it to Blake! Disregard your own teammate and dunk it on him! I hate Ryan Hollins anyway so thats probably why i enjoyed it soo much!

  5. etime89 says:

    Marvin Williams was the only guy that JUMPED – the other guys were trying to draw an offensive foul. Marvin Williams almost got “DeAndre Jordan’d” by J.J. Hickson.

  6. DJ says:

    Jeff Green travels

  7. hibbs says:

    poor Jeff Whitey

  8. Bbrown says:

    Yeah, I think Hickson’s dunk on Marvin Williams is as close as we come to the Andre Jordan dunk on the Detriot (former) PG of last year thus far. Stay tuned!!

  9. Bbrown says:

    Sorry; meant Detroit

  10. Tanner says:

    I say Henry had the best dunk, but Williams was dunked on the worst. If Withey had actually tried to make a play instead of foolishly trying to draw the charge, he probably would be the leader.