Fellow players take to social media, well-wish Rose after injury

By Nick Margiasso IV

While the NBA world awaits news of the severity of Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose’s injury, the prayers and condolences have begun rolling in. The Association might define the heights of competition in sport, but when the possibility of tragedy hits, those same players that go to battle in between the lines always seem to be looking out for each other out of bounds.

Here’s a look at what Rose’s NBA peers are saying via their social media bullhorns:


  1. almir besic says:

    I thing D you pushing too hard, take your time,you don’t need to proof anything,watch yours step be smart wish you best,by the way im from utah no more jazz fan im on soccer now

  2. Prayers to DRose , get better homie the Game NEED you

    • youbejamin says:

      I seen kobe come back from many injury. Please comeback strong Drose, it is hard to lose a superstar player!

  3. Expected says:

    So, no offense to his fans, but with his explosiveness I really can’t see his knees holding up. Back in high school I used to play really hard like that and I got away with it because I was young. But now that I’m older I always come away with an injury if I go that hard.

    I think if D.Rose wants to continue being a basketball player, he’s going to need to tone down the force on his body. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. He’s skilled enough to not need to do that. He might not get another MVP, but at least he’ll be there for his team.

    Hope he’s ok.

    • ryan says:

      ….and you’re comparing yourself to D Rose because why….?????

      • elton says:

        because he is right rose cant go 100% like he used to look at all those promising athletes like tmac,hill,yaoming and penny. once your body starts to give u must find another way to help out your team look at kobe and m.j. when there athleticism started to go away they toned down there explosiveness and used there head more to score and when games.

      • Expected says:

        Not comparing in basketball ability, but as humans. The human body can be strengthened, sure, but it’s made of the same stuff and that’s why bigger guys have to do MORE conditioning work because they’re moving a lot more weight on that same stuff.

        Ever noticed how many of the big men are constantly injured?

        Human bone, human tissue … it has its limits.

  4. Basketball may only be a game, but you cannot help but feel for players like Derrick Rose, Brandon Roy, Amare, Oden and others. Taking away a professional basketball player’s knee is like taking away a photographer’s eyes or a sculptor’s hands.

  5. Chinaman says:

    Lol just sit n watch drose u aint gonna win a ring

  6. dave says:

    I feel for D.Rose, but at the same time it makes me wonder maybe he should’ve played last season when cleared by doctors when his team needed him. see you can never predict an injury

  7. jcyrus says:

    DRose will be alright …that man is born to fight..

  8. maynald says:

    drose’s career reminds me of grant hill! feel so sorry for drose,but thats what actually happening now..

  9. Sankalp says:

    Derrick Rose’s injury looked eerily similar to the ACL tear…but i’m not a doctor so lets see what happens

  10. Neal says:

    On the nba game 2k14. There is no- player pattie mills

  11. ANGELO GARCIA, PH says:

    He CAN be the next T-Mac or B-Roy. Aww. (knocl on wood)

  12. Yo says:

    wat did i say? if he played like this he will injure himself again i was right. His body cannot handle his speed. Don’t get me wrong DRose is a good player but he needs to play smarter or slow down his footwork and be patient on his offense

  13. Mark Handberg says:

    Well some people actually saw this coming – 1½ years ago. This article by a well respected kinesiologist explains how a right knee ACL tear could happen to Rose as a consequens of his left ACL tear. http://zigsports.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/derrick-rose-update-career-in-jeopardywhy-rose-will-never-be-the-same/

    • mecena says:

      So true and so sad…Just wondering, a franchise like Bulls doesn’t have somebody with this competency in their trainers staff?

  14. MemphisTruth11 says:

    So he’s playing too fast all of you predicted this? What about Westbrook who statistically plays faster and has been in the NBA that exact same length of time? Anyways not about predictions, or anything. Have to wonder if he was playing with another Offensive Force and not having to do so much to just to set the plays up, if you haven’t seen he goes through three defenders-4/5 if he wants to get a shot up. That’s why he waited because the rust he’s shown this year.
    No one knows the severity Rose has said nothing, news will come in the next few hours. Prayers, Respect- if its minor never slow down. #RealMVP

  15. dhreamchylde says:

    Man…hate to see one of the nice guys like the Grant Hill’s, Greg Oden’s and D Rose’s of the world get slammed so much. Love watching him play…but his game reminds me a lot of Rafa Nadal’s tennis game. They run so hard on those legs, its amazing the punishment they take. Get well soon D Rose, the NBA and sports need the good guys like you.

  16. Brenda Hill says:

    Wishing DRose the best possible health outcome and praying that he doesn’t have that ACL issue. I am a die hard Miami Heat fan, but DRose is still to be admired for the level of game he has acquired. As many of you have said, Rose has to slow his role becaue that type of play will take the knees out of a person. ((He should play like DWade. Wade plays fancifully hard when it’s feasible or when he really needs to for a win. But not all game every game! He let’s the game come to him. I also think Kobe better watch it when he returns – and act his age.

  17. timdgourley says:

    Derrick is a woman. he lactates. He is a disgrace to the city of Chicago with his fragility. He doesn’t belong here.

  18. bball says:

    #the second return

  19. DWade says:

    Drose you’re pushing to hard, you have nothing to prove, you already have MVP trophy, winning a championship is a team effort not only one, let them do there job, just give them you’re 100% not 200%, just hopping and praying nothing serious happen to you.

  20. ranlenzJKTCEB21 says:

    dont wear adidas shoes..just use JORDAN shoes hahah..peace at all..

  21. OKC says:

    Plenty of forum clowns making jokes, but I doubt they would be so brash in real life. Didn’t your moms ever tell you about kicking people while their down?

    • OKC says:

      You really shouldn’t allow comments on any article about a player injuries. You just know attention seekers are going to say out of hand crap. The internet is where people really show their character, since the consequences aren’t so direct, and you really see how trashy some people are.

  22. Richard says:

    hoping and praying for the best for D-rose.

  23. lakerslakerslakers says:

    don’t worry rose, there’s anyways the knicks when u need your next max contract

  24. sanjay says:

    these surgeries look point less. Just let it heel naturally if he is gonna waist another year anyway! Meanwhile bulls seems done if rose is seriously injured. For sake of east let us hope he has minor injury. Otherwise just watch same playoffs that happened last year with only miami vs indiana of any sort of interest. It is very bad for nba with just one or two teams competing for championship among 30 teams! I am already seeing so many lop sided regular season games with empty seats! It is not competitive at all;some teams are just turning up to play numbers. watching those games is such a jejune!

  25. BleachBoy says:

    D Rose is DONE!!! Let’s go Lakers, Kobe for #6

  26. Big B says:

    I think it’s funny that all the same people who had said that he needs to hurry up and get back are now saying that he needs to slow down.
    But in all seriousness, I hope he’s OK.

  27. Betty clark says:

    Get well soon drose

  28. Cp3fan says:

    It’s hard To not get injury when he playing that fast and that strong. That why he one of the best player because of that speed and strength. Maybe he should slow down and let his team take in, he got a good team and coach. Hope Rose is ok

  29. Brandon says:

    D rose has played this way all of his life. I had the honer of playing vs him and his high school while i was in high school and this is the way he has ALWAYS played. Derrick needs for his team to step up. Instead of complaining to the refs about calls, focus on playing ball and leave the complaining to Thibs.

  30. jojo dxb says:

    Big advise Drose eat OKRA veg, which is rich in calcium we want U to stay healthy buddy LOT of prayers from all of us here in dubai…

  31. drose hope says:

    i hope ur ok, u play this game with heart and don’t beg supperstars to join ur team.

  32. MXH7815 says:

    It’s sad to see someone like him go down. Some players have the mind, heart, and ability to play the game, but unfortunately they are inside a body that just isn’t equipped to handle the long season and hard games. I felt the same way when Roy went down, just wished the Lord blessed these guys with better knees so they can play the game they love at the level at wish they want to play.

  33. Roman says:

    I love u derrick. ima stay wit u forever through this

  34. xlr8_555 says:

    All prayers go out to Derrick Rose. Sad to see him injured after he just came back from an injury. But that doesn’t mean the Bulls wont make it, they got it to make it to the playoffs and hopefully Rose will be with them.

  35. Who EFFING cares? says:

    D. Rose is a millionaire. People are starving in this world. He won’t be able to get another million dollar ring. Oh CRY. Who cares. I don’t.

    Oh Btw
    T’Wolves FTW.

  36. vicgilbert says:

    Damn, Scottie P graced Rose with his status. Ain’t MJ gonna ever step up to wish well for another player?

  37. .... says:

    i expected this to happen and now that it has there’s not much left for his career

  38. lbjislikethebestplayerinfootball says:

    the only way for drose to earn a ring is to play with the king lebron. we will trade fututre hall of famer Greg Oden and micheal beasley and James Jones

  39. Insert ignorant heat comment here says:

    The heat are like the best team in the west n they r like michelle jurden in his prime…LETS GO MIIIAIMI HEEEAAAT….dale que tu puedes leeebrrron

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