All Ball Talk Show: Ricky Rubio

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As part of our continuing quest to get up close and personal with your favorite NBA players, we are launching the All Ball Talk Show, a semi-regular chance to sit down and catch up with an NBA star and find out what’s happening not only on the court, but off of it as well.

Today, for our first episode, we check in with Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio to talk Wolves, #musclewatch, beards, and play a little Change This Face…

VIDEO: All Ball Talk Show: Ricky Rubio


  1. Paco says:

    He needs to be more agressive and improve his mid-range shooting, he has improved his 3-point but the deffense is litteraly floating him

  2. Twolves4life says:

    This is the man.

    • Min.T.Wolves says:

      Will be MIN’s second best ever draft pick, but we have about another four-to-five year wait ‘before he’s truly a man; still just a kid mesmerising all with killer instinct and omniscient court awareness. Shooting has improved immensely since being drafted, but with everything else in his skill set whether he shoots it at 35% or 55% over his career will be trivial at best .

      Scary. . .

  3. Postman says:

    True, Ricky needs to score enough to keep the defense honest, 10-15 pts on 7-10 attempts. The rest of his game is fabulous. I think he could develop a floater. Right now, his shot is too flat. Only Jerry West was successful shooting a frozen rope. He aimed for the back rim. That kind of shot doesn’t work for Ricky – he needs to have some arc. The biggest problem for the Wolves is lack of bench production. Dante Cunningham, who was money on his elbow jumper last year seems to have fallen off the map this year and Chase and Ronny will still be out – Shved has lost his confidence, playing out of position. The Wolves made one deal (Mbah Moute), but they need a deal for an additional Center. Love can’t continue at PF and Spell Pek at Center, too. He needs a rest once in a while.

  4. Israel says:

    Ricky is the man, kind of the new Stve Nash (still has to improve his shooting). He will do great things really soon, probably sooner than expected. The kid is getting older and he still is just 23. What else are you going to demand? Wait for a year. Future All-Star for sure. He is THE KID