Dwyane Wade Takes Heat Videobombing To Next Level

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have dutifully chronicled each step of the way as the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh has elevated videobombing to new and glorious heights. The Heat are obviously a team focused on the videobomb, and last night Dwyane Wade took the shenanigans to an entirely new level by doing cartwheels behind LeBron James during his postgame interview. The look on LeBron’s face when he realizes what is happening is fantastic…

VIDEO: Wade Cartwheels Behind LeBron


  1. Another Heat Fan says:


    Also it’s an added bonus that wade is physically fit enough to do this. Lets hope that knee doesn’t cause problems later.

    Let’s go 3-Peat!

  2. 2nd option says:

    D-wade is nothing but a lebron cheerleader these days.

    • vc says:

      @2nd option


      • Lyndon says:

        How is Wade a cheerleader? He has 3 rings. If being a cheerleader pays off with three rings then I want to be a cheerleader.

    • You didn’t watch the game? Lebron had an imressive stat line, but Wade was the one who really drove this win until the game was already decided late in the fourth, If 21 pts. on 9/13 shooting, 12 asists, 6 rebounds is being a cheerleader, than our cheerleader is better than the best player on your team.

    • Jeet says:

      I don’t know why they making a big deal about this… this was not even funny at all!! Chris Bosh is way funnier when he video bombs… Oh he did a cartwheel… how cute…

  3. Daddy JAY says:

    Thats EPIC!!! Lets go HEAT!!!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Looks like his knees are healthy..

  5. Tony C says:

    Forget the video bomb, have people been watching Wade’s play? He looks really good, like his old (young) self. He’s had about 4 crazy dunks this year and had one in this game too!!! Can you say threepeat? LOL

  6. Tony C says:

    Wade also has that quick first step back. Both Wade and Lebron look really good. Now if Chris Bosh would only stop with so many mid range jumpers and use his post moves to get to the hoop for dunks and layups he’d be good too. Come on man, use fakes, up and under, and spin around all these slow big men in the league. I want to see Chris Bosh show what he’s got on offense.

  7. great idea 2nd option says:

    I’d love to see a cheerleader put up 21,12,and 6 bouncing back from a 27 point game…Hey this gives me a great idea 2nd option, why don’t we just throw out the professionals and let all the cheerleaders do the ballin

  8. 3 says:

    this season wade is looking amazing. I did not believe he can be in that good of shape any more.

  9. Wade and LBJ are having funny

  10. mack says:

    @2nd option….and he’s getting paid nicely for it too….you mad???

  11. MHEAT says:

    Forget the cartwheel! Anyone else impressed that Lebron caught that from the deepest corners of his peripherals … damn that skill must come in handy when you’re with your mrs and hotty walks past

  12. LeggoHeat says:

    I think bosh has really gone soft and realize he couldn’t rebound or post like he used to back in Toronto. Plus, he’s actually pretty good with them mid range shots. It’s tough though when he’s not feeling it, and those are low percentage kind of shots too. Risky but when he gets them rolling it opens the floor a whole lot for the slashers.

  13. Tayinie says:

    Wade is very humble.
    I cover him with the grace of God.
    May the spirit of The Lord rest upon is life.
    Jer. 29:11

  14. Kelly says:

    Come you guy are the best