Kevin Durant Plays Ball At YMCA On Day Off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, the legend of Kevin Durant famously includes an underlying thread about his basic inability to not participate in sports, even when he has a day off. During the lockout he was constantly popping up at summer league tournaments, and just a few weeks ago he played in a flag football game in New York.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised about this story from Last Thursday night, the Thunder hosted the Clippers and won 105-91, behind a big 28 point, 8 assist night from Durant. The morning after that game, editor Matt Carney went to his local YMCA to get some shots up, and stumbled across Durant and some of his friends playing some casual pick-up ball. As Carney writes…

There Kevin Durant was, the morning after dropping 28 points in a late game against the Clippers, playing half-court ball with his buddies (each of them big enough to discomfort somebody sitting next to them on an airplane), talking noise and completely disregarding the “NO DUNKING ALLOWED” sign pasted to the window of the gym. The Y employee at the desk made me promise not to bother him, so I checked out a ball and headed to the other end of the court to practice corner threes and otherwise pretend like one of the two greatest basketball players on the planet wasn’t at the other end performing feats of scoring magic that I normally can’t afford to watch up close.

Spectators filed in. One woman tried to interrupt the game for an autograph and was promptly ushered out by a member of the Y staff. But by the end of it, there was just the four-on-four game at one end and me and another random guy at the other end, shooting.

Even if Durant wasn’t playing all-out, it’s a fun read, particularly as Carney starts secretly hoping he’ll get called into a game to play alongside or even, gulp, against Durant.



  1. noyb says:

    Cool, but I don’t think the team would be too pleased to hear about it. Can you say “injury”?

  2. lbj says:

    Playing at YMCA day off will not give you a ring you need to play with the king “LeBron”. We will trade SF’s to OKC to replace OKC lost. We will give James Jones, Michael Beasley, Birdman plus future first round picks for Durant. OKC will get some useful forwards

  3. rocknrollaint noise pollution says:

    maybe in the playoffs they get much strong i think

  4. jcyrus says:

    KD chances of winning the championship is no chance ..LBJ will stay me on this..

  5. He’s having fun that’s good for him and okc

  6. pp says:

    Oh please, he won’t get injured playing pick up hoops. The man just loves basketball.

  7. Roz says:

    @lbj, are you trying to be the worlds biggest nimrod or are you just really that stupid? We aren’t doing any of those trades, and James Jones is a Miami boy, once he’s done with the heat, there’s a tiny chance he would play else where.

    @noyb I thought the same thing but keep in mind whenever players play off the court they don’t play serious or with even 1/4th of the intensity they use in a real game. They’re not allowed to lol

  8. lbj is the boss says:

    You guys are obviously all upset that your team is not as good as the World Champion-Miami Heat