Mavs Tell You What You Need

By Jeff Case

So far this season, the Mavs have tried to pump up excitement for their team by going to two pop culture wells: doing a tie-in with a current pop song (i.e. the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis’ “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”) and doctoring movie footage (the Hulk gets his Mavs-colored tint on in a scene from “The Avengers”). Not to let too much time pass between viral videos, the Mavs are going to the music well again. This time, they’re offering up a cover of The Beatles’ classic, “All You Need Is Love”, with a version of their own:


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  2. 36yrfan says:

    ….Please STOP !!?!?!?!? ……. leave good music to be good music……..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! Happy T-Day everyone !!!!!