Did Kidd Learn Drink Spill From Previous Experience?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We had a mini-controversy erupt over the long NBA offseason, as Nets coach Jason Kidd became embroiled in…CupGate? WaterGate? SodaGate?

Whatever you want to call it, late in a close game against the Lakers and out of timeouts, Kidd may or may not have intentionally spilled a drink onto the court to delay the game. The Nets basically got a free timeout out of the incident, but lost the game anyway. Kidd was fined $50,000, and he apologized and everyone mostly moved on.

But Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spotted something he might have seen before, and he took to Twitter to point it out. Turns out a drink spill happened in a Dallas/Chicago game back in 2009, giving the Bulls a few free seconds to make some adjustments.

And who was on the court for Dallas when all this occurred? Point guard Jason Kidd…


VIDEO: Spilled Drink Delays Bulls/Mavs

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  1. lbj says:

    Jason Kidd is a respected man as a player and even won a player of the year and now he is desperate as a coach to win a game because they are way at the buttom which I believe before the season start this bunch of blogger like sekou smith,franberry including whitaker thinks brooklyn is a team to beat! Shame on you Kidd!!!