NBA Rooks: Diaries … Reggie Bullock

Reggie Bullock was the 25th pick of the 2013 NBA Draft.

Reggie Bullock was the 25th pick of the 2013 NBA Draft. (Shem Roose/NBAE)

By Reggie Bullock, Los Angeles Clippers, for

Playing in the NBA has been my dream since I first picked up a basketball. I have always worked so hard with that goal in mind, and the past four and a half months have been a whirlwind as my dream became a reality.

I’ll never forget the feeling of hearing my name called at the NBA Draft.  All of the hard work was worth it and it felt like I had finally made it.  I could not wait to start my professional basketball career.

My summer flew by.  I moved to Los Angeles, which is so different from North Carolina — everything moves a lot faster here!  After that, I was focused on training and preparing for preseason.  I wanted to make a good impression on my teammates and coaches, so I worked out daily.  I was very focused on my conditioning and played a lot of pick-up basketball against some really great competition. At the end of the summer, I felt strong and confident and ready to officially start my first NBA season.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to wear a Clippers jersey and represent this organization. Going in to training camp felt like I was a freshman again!  I was nervous and knew this time it was way bigger than college preseason. I didn’t really know what to expect beyond that. Lucky for me, I am with a great organization and had a very positive experience.

Our team has some of the best veterans and coaches who really helped make it a smooth transition for some of us newer guys.  Antawn Jamison also played at UNC so we had that in common from the start, and I’ve been watching CP since I was a kid.  I actually played for his first AAU team.  Both guys, and really the whole team, have been helpful with advice on the court and off, and remind me to stay confident and to always be ready to go when my name is called.

I am looking forward to picking up more minutes and trying to do my best to fill in for Matt Barnes while he is injured.  Stepping into his role is going to be challenging, he is such a great defensive player, but I need to just stay confident while shooting and listen to coach so I can contribute to the team. Our goal is to win the championship, but we are taking it game by game, realizing that playoffs and finals are a long way away.  Personally, I am focused on staying confident in my game, gaining minutes, and doing whatever I can do to help my teammates play better and raise a Clippers banner in the Staples Center.  It would also be really cool to play in the rookie/sophomore game at All-Star!


  1. lbj says:

    How about dreaming of having a ring? As early as you are still a rookie dream of having a ring by playing with the king “LeBron”. Don’t be like Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Carmelo Anthony and Iverson who offered to play with the king but prioritize the money.

    • sam30 says:

      Honestly, do you get tired of posting the same silly comment on every article?
      It’s not funny, and it got old weeks ago.

      We get it, you like LeBron. Thanks.