Paul George Loves Grapes (UPDATE)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During last season’s Playoffs, Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George made himself known to a much wider audience than was perhaps previously aware of him. He’s continued that echelon leap this season, and is currently fourth in the NBA in scoring at 23.8 points per game, with his Pacers sitting at a remarkable 16-1.

Of course, you play great and the fame will follow, from magazine covers to…ads for George’s favorite fruit? Yep. And if you ever wondered what Paul George’s favorite fruit was, the answer is grapes…

VIDEO: Paul George Loves Grapes

UPDATE: Thanks to Twitter, we also have discovered that Pacers guard George Hill loves strawberries…

VIDEO: George Hill Loves Strawberries


  1. John says:

    Grapes are delicious.

  2. lbj says:

    Paul George will choke again once he face our king “LeBron” in the Finals. If he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king and abandoned the overrated Indiana Pacers. We will trade decent wing man players such as Udonis Haslem and Birdman Birdman plus future 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks!!! These are lots for Pacers team!

  3. KL2 says:

    lbj sure got moronic state of mind

  4. adzi says:

    LBJ has no idea.
    You must want him pretty bad to give up the future development of the Heat.
    The Heat are done Yes Lebron is the best player in the league but George is an up and comer
    The pacers are not overrated they have something the Heat dont have and thats DEFENCE!!!
    Also they are a TEAM not a team with individuals!!!!

  5. adzi says:

    And we dnt want Bridman

  6. johnny d awson says:

    He likes grapes because he went to Fresno State. Fresno is the raisin capital of the world.