Dunk Contest, Gerald Green … A Match Made In Heaven, Right?

VIDEO: Check out some of Gerald Green’s best dunks of the season

Say it ain’t so, Gerald Green.

We understand that progression is the key to pretty much anything in life. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes you just have to move on and move forward.

But to completely give up on the Dunk Contest though? Now that’s just down right unacceptable. Not when you’re arguably one of the most exciting dunkers we have in the league today. Not when you’ve been spotlighted more than once on our Dunk HQ countdown and voted by the faithful HQ fanbase as the highest jumper of all in today’s NBA land. And not when you already own a seat amongst the gods of the dunk.

Talk to us, Gerald. We’re here to listen. Vent. Get all of those frustrations out. What’s missing? Are you feeling a tad unappreciated even? I mean, do you honestly not see what we’ve seen in some your previous Dunk Contest jams? What do we need to do to sway you to come back? Hopefully we can find the answers better than Kanye West can.

What do you think? Is Green feeling a little, well, green? Help us out here.

As always, make sure to hit up the new and improved Dunk HQ, your official NBA.com home for slams, where we’ll be rating all of the top dunks of the season and much more.


  1. Jack says:

    Always though Green was a very underrated all around basketball player…..I respect him turning this down as his game has grown so much in the last 2-3 seasons he has his eyes set on new goals

  2. DunkLover says:

    I know what are his frustrations, Cars, Motorcycles, Lights off, so many things that do not show what your skills are as a dunker… Just start a dunk contest with the tagline: RAW DUNK CONTEST. Plain and simple.

  3. Ed says:

    Now if the Dunk Contests nowadays would be about actual Dunks and not weird Shows with cars and capes, I would be all for a Dunk Contest with Gerald Green in it.

  4. nodoubt223rd says:

    I don’t want to see Jeff Green in dunk contest his contest dunks are just bad. That birthday cake dunk ugh… I turned my T.V. off after that. Then he did that no shoes on dunk >.>. He’s a great in game dunker.

    • Malcolm_Checks says:

      First things first its Gerald Green not Jeff Green and people dont have a clue how high u have to be to blow out the candle and how difficult it is to jump that high in a pair of slippery socks with no support are u kidding me

    • Ray says:

      ok the rim’s 10 feet high while MOST nba players can just barely graze the rim with decent-nice dunks. to even get your head above the rim is something special. some guards/forwards who are high flyers have long wingspans but getting your head over the rim has nothing to do with your wingspan. you sir are ignorant.

  5. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    the dunk contest sucks, abolish that lame thing

  6. Westbrook #1 says:

    Turning down the dunk contest is a stepping stone to gerald furthering his game. As you can see he’s very athletic and now he has developed a 3 point shot.

  7. ivan says:

    just keep Kenny Smith away from the contest and left the players to create own scenario ๐Ÿ˜€ or “It’s over ladies and gentleman”

  8. Bodjee says:

    I do not know who organize the dunk contest! The contest is not very popular because it has ran out of its cause which was to crown the NBA dunk contest champ but instead it became a media show. The only way to have such a contest and remain fair is to have a set of rules that will give it a little bit more credibility. The league can get the fans involves buy letting us submit ideas and let the NBA players vote for the winners (What about a continuous stamina dunk? ๐Ÿ™‚ Figure 8 down the base line for counts per minutes!). The 3 players who qualifies will then be judge on their free-style dunks.

  9. ffff says:

    Gerald Green should just be in it every year uninamiously

  10. fans should select the dunkers.

    in NOLA,it would be cool to see a voodoo inspired dunk

  11. vincent says:

    no doubt he feels a little underappreciated. He’s got a gift with his jumping ability. With that already in his arsenal, he should work on his overall game. Now, i don’t know whats going on in the practices throughout his career. Did he lose out in the in the bench role, stuck as an inactive player?but even last year, i noticed with the pacers he got barely any playing time after proving himself capable. Glad hes getting a chance in phoenix

  12. Coeus says:

    The dunk contest lacks credibility, because,

    1. Participants are chosen randomly with no merit
    2. Dunks are too gimmicky
    3. Kenny Smith’s involvement (it is almost his own show)

    To restore some credibility, these can be done;

    1. There should be qualification criteria (e.g. top 5 players with most amount dunks in the league up to all All Star weekend, or only players chosen as All Stars can participate, etc.)
    2. Drop cars, capes, goofing around from the contest
    3. Please replace Kenny Smith or if you keep him then tell him to stay in the background rather than overshadowing the entire competition.

  13. Coeus says:

    We never hear a player refusing to participate in an All Star game, but most of the popular players refuse to participate in the dunk contest. The players do not respect the dunk contest, since it lacks credibility.

    Make the NBA players respect the dunk contest by making it credible. Then instead of hearing players refusing to participate in it (e.g. L. James, G. Green), we will be hearing them saying to be honoured to participate in it.

  14. Navi says:

    Obviously he doesn’t want to be know for only as a “dunker.” I think it’s better for him to move on. His game has developed more than just high flying acts.

  15. bubba says:

    I think the dunk contest should go back to the 10 participant straightforward dunk off and mr green should def be a part of that

  16. Garry says:

    He SHOULD take part, why the hell not? Give the people what they want as it is the people that pay to see it. Don’t let it take over your game. You have the hops, just do what you do. Even without a win, you will put on a show! Bring back A.I too.

  17. QueensBridge says:

    Rumors are going around that some players are planning to park a giant plane in front of the basket and try to dunk over it. Just like how Blake barely jump over the car headlights. DUNK CONTEST IS LAME NOW. Then the winner will sign on to make stupid plane commercials. Yeah!!!

  18. jordan says:

    Its funny cuz theres way better dunkers that arent even pros you can watch them on youtube for free, Like those guys on TFB, dunk contest is not as good anymore

  19. nbafan says:

    make the rule the old rule when JORDAN and WILKINS duke it out.. then maybe the dunk contest would be better…

    seriously… the dunk contest nowadays sucks… even Iggy turned this down because he was rob of the title before…!

  20. Najeero says:

    Were people this disappointed when Jason Richardson and Nate Robinson decided to stop competin? He has a different focus now, like improvin his game and competin for championships.. Plus, theres nothin you can do in the contests no more that hasn’t already been done. Its kinda borin now.

  21. Narf says:

    Let Green just play basketball. I think most people have said it in the comments. The NBA has allowed the dunk contest to become a big joke….it just a props show and a popularity contest. Who can come with the best show, it isn’t about raw dunking talent anymore. It is like wrestling of dunk contests.

  22. Mike says:

    Gerald Green doesn’t have to prove himself by entering the dunk contest. The entire event is a sham anyway.

  23. elton says:

    didnt he already win the contest? why get mad if he dont try it again he’s already won one.

  24. FERNIE says:

    Bring back the mascot dunk contest instead…

  25. Big ken says:

    the nba needs to raise the prize of the dunk contest to 5 to 10 million for the winner. I think this will entice the superstars to participate. Who wants to see Gerald Green anyway. We want to see the lebrons, Kobe’s, Wades, westbrooks,Durante, etc like the old days.

  26. adrien says:

    gerald green should most certainly participate, but i understand his decision. beyond that, the contest is definitely a circus now. i don’t mind seeing a teammate tossing an oop of some sort, but actual props that wouldn’t normally be seen on the court need to be abolished. let’s see some legitimate creativity the way doc, jordan, and nique did back in their day, and the way vince did when the contest was reintroduced. there have been a handful of guys since, such as gerald, that have carried the torch, but most of the guys now get 10s for garbage like jumping over half the hood of a kia parked under the rim. less of the nonsense, and more of the reverse 360 windmills and the like.

  27. DunkContestFail says:

    I agree, the dunk contest has become a bit of a joke. Not only do they get the wrong people, but the dunks they’re doing are often boring and rely way too much on props.

  28. John says:

    The only way to save the dunk contest is for lebron to join
    Anything less is useless
    Nobody wants to see over 6’8″ big men in dunk contest

    But it might be too late to save the dunk contest because we should have had a lebron/Jrich/vince/little nate dunkoff 6 years ago

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