Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning Launch New Shoe, Website


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few years ago, it was announced that Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade had signed with Li-Ning, one of the largest athletic brands in Asia, but not necessarily a brand that was well known in the United States. Slowly but surely, that seems to be changing.

After wearing a signature shoe last season called the Way of Wade, this season Wade is rocking the Way Of Wade 2.0, and as of tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST, the shoe will be available online for the first time to consumers in the US and Canada on wayofwade.com.

The shoe, which will retail for $150, is called the Way of Wade 2.0 Overtown, named for a specific neighborhood in Miami. In the video below, D-Wade explains the thought process behind the kicks…

VIDEO: Way of Wade 2.0

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  1. Think i’m going to buy a pair just to test them