Nike Unveils Kobe 9 Elite Shoe

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ALL BALL NERVE CENTERKobe Bryant has been through eight signature shoes as a Nike athlete, but at a media event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the ninth and maybe most dramatic kick yet was unveiled. The KOBE 9, out February 8, 2014, is a mixture of design, fashion and function, and Bryant clearly relished showing it off alongside Nike CEO Mark Parker and Nike Creative Director and VP of Innovation Eric Avar.

After several years of lowtops, the Kobe 9 is huge, reaching high above the ankle — Kobe said the idea came to him while watching Manny Pacquiao train and noticing his boxing shoes. Together with Avar, the idea was honed into the KOBE 9. (Of the design process and going back and forth with Avar, Kobe said he particularly enjoyed it because “I think we’re all geeks at heart.”)

The shoe is largely constructed from Nike Flyknit, the first time the technology has been used in a basketball shoe. According to Nike, Flyknit “defies conventional shoe manufacturing processes by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns.”

While there are various design hints throughout the shoe to what Kobe referred to as his “muses,” the most obvious key to the shoe is the lines of red embroidered down the back of the shoe, a nod to the stitches Kobe received after his Achilles surgery.

“I draw inspiration from where I am as a player, as a person, and where my career is at this moment,” Kobe said. “I’m trying to do something that the majority of people think is impossible to do. I let my emotions out when I step on the basketball floor, it’s always been my escape, and these shoes will touch a nerve on the court in the same way I do.”

According to some early reviews on my Twitter feed, at least one other NBA player likes the look of the shoe…

For more looks at the shoe, check the gallery below…


  1. asoma says:

    please black mamba my son is your biggers fan can you send him one for cristmas?

  2. armydreamer says:

    i wish to those all nba players please do not use a low Or mid cut shoes to avoid achilles injuries! i ove this gameshoes…go idol!

  3. Tre Tre Tre says:

    This goes to show that the Marty McFlys were way ahead of their time. They continue to inspire shoe designs even to this day. They’re hot though…and at $225, ill be getting only one pair. lol

  4. e daddy says:

    those are lightweight ugly, but they look like they are very comfortable. Can’t wait to see you do your thang on the court!! love you kobe no homo . Much respect

  5. e daddy says:

    ehhhh they aight i guess, much respect kobe. cant wait to see you do your thang on the court!

  6. Esmereldan says:

    Interesting how the foot will lie on the insole and how the sole is divided up into sections the way it is. Are these for basketball only or for any sport (including us non-athletes who just try to get a daily walk in with the dog)? Will there be women’s sizes? Or at least some small men’s sizes (like size 5 Men’s)? That would be nice and maybe even increase sales. Women like great shoes, too. Thanx!!!

  7. How sweet says:

    I LOVE the KB8’s /Crazy8’s ….But the KB2 …. With those metal ends on the laces. Blech! I gave those away!… I thinx ….Yeah make ’em cheaper! I purchased Tmac’s and Tmac’s 2nd kick….And I don’t see a good reason to pay over $200 just because of your brand name. When you are makin’ poor people bust a vein to make them! Or at least donate 1/2 your proceeds to CHARITY! I think the high cut chuck taylor converse are awesome! I reckon they need to bring out chuck taylor converse back! With better cushioning…. Just sayin’ … These new KB9’s, you can just tell they are just the beggining of a new era of kicks… Lookin into the future @ the 2020’s….

  8. ney says:

    nice come back

  9. Loving those shoes! I want to get them!!!!! love you Kobe

  10. I don’t really like them

  11. These hot got to have and Kobe we need you around in lA you get a bit free agent next year then we got another chance to get that sixth ring u my greatest insparation and Toledo model I give my tendon if I could

  12. Sharon says:

    Love the color scheme & quilt effect of the new Elite shoe. Does it come in a low top version? I wear sz 81/2 ladies!!!
    Take care of yourself, get all the rehab you need, plz don’t rush it. Your health is priceless & your fans will wait for you, no matter how long it takes – we just want you well, 100%, because we care. You’re the Mamba & the Man- no doubt!!! So glad you extended your contract with the Lakers!!

  13. Drake Downs says:

    i got the last pair of kobes cutomized and there ripping on me black mamba have you used them yet are they better then the last?

  14. Harry Elley says:

    Love to watch Kobe. Can’t wait for you to be back on the court. For your shoe, tsk tsk tsk, awesome. Wish you the best on your comeback. I only write to wish you good luck on your comeback and let you know that i can’t wait to see you play. Am from a small island in the Pacific. My wish for this christmas is to have one of your shoe size 10.5…Good luck on your practice.

  15. knight rydah 24 says:

    Send me some shoes kobe! Always wanted one, still trying to save up. But if u can send me one it’ll mean everything to me!

  16. knight rydah 24 says:

    Cant wait til your back, so i can watch you and root for that 6th ring. The true G.O.A.T

  17. jackoAUS says:

    Wish i could get a pair they are sick, just wore out my Kobe8s would be a great christmas present! aha

  18. Allen Jeong says:

    Oh my god Kobe I’m your hugest fan i will do anything just to see u from a mile away kobe if u send me one for christmas i will be so happy but even if u don’t which i know will probably not happen I’m waiting for your return #mamba #dabeast

  19. stone says:

    maybe we will name it KOPOW for the idea that it is inspired by Manny ‘PACMAN’ Pacquiao’s tarining shoes…how about that!hehehe

  20. Valentin says:

    Can’t wait to see u playing in those new shoes man!they are awseome!

  21. darren josh enabe says:

    mr. mamba kobe. can u gift me a pair of that? how i wish i can get a kobe 9 elite shoes 😦 im from philippines. only for christmas gift please????

  22. OKC says:

    Lol so many people asking for free shoes on the internet.

  23. Melly says:

    I give my tendon if I could

  24. juhugy4l says:

    please black mamba i bought your shoes for my son (4 years old, size 10.5 please) on ebay for 25000 dollars but i got a photo of the box

  25. juhugy4l says:

    btw michael if you are here please send me a air jordan 11 concord (10.5 for my sad and sick grandmother) and another pair of 11 bred please (10.5 for my wife)

  26. juhugy4l says:

    (i’ll be waiting, just ask me there, i will give you my instagram, follow me then instamessage to take my coordonates, thank you)

  27. Q says:

    Will these be available in kid sizes???? Both of my boys are young basketball players and have already asked me for these when they come out. If they will be, what’s the price?