Golden State Warriors Get Out The All-Star Vote

Kid Warriors Get Out Vote

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The best way to get fans to vote for your players for the NBA All-Star Game? Use kids to get out the vote, obviously. Because everyone loves kids. The Golden State Warriors are clearly a step ahead of some other franchises when it comes to mobilizing their base.


  1. abc says:

    thats really funny

  2. Benjamin says:

    Man, those kids actually look like they could be kids of the players on the team!

    Steph Curry deserves a spot even though I’m not a Warriors fan.

  3. Eli. Odell J. says:

    you can vote twice?
    the Chicago bulls or Detroit pistons should get on this right quick

  4. Piddy8 says:

    Why has bogut’s kid got an English accent? he’s from ‘Straya mate.