Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 5

VIDEO: Check out this week’s nominees, which includes LeBron

With the Holiday season here, Shaq has a few lumps of coal to hand out. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin.


  1. hahaha…I say it would be a tie with Kanter and LeBron…lol…why try to dunk it if you still don’t have the hops from your back injury

  2. asdfghjkl says:

    WOW Lebron even complained to the refs his missed layup? as if he doesn’t get all the good calls by the ref?

  3. MKB says:

    Enes Kanter is the New JAVALE MCGEE

  4. nbafan says:

    best one yet

  5. NBA MAN says:

    LeBron steals the show

  6. Andrew Jude says:

    We need you Javale!!! he’s the reason i watch Shaqtin-a-Fool

  7. Zema says:

    LeFlop wanted the foul both times

  8. metalfan996 says:

    Lol I watched both the Dalembert fail alley oop and the Kanter jump shot against the Mavs. The announcers wouldn’t stop replaying it lol.

  9. LeggoHEAT says:

    Lololol that pump jumpshot!

  10. nba143 says:

    Lebron is the next Javale Mcgee! LOL!

  11. LIKEMIKE says:

    not the same without javele 😦

  12. Fandango says:

    I love the way Lebron is immediately crying for a whistle on both of his botches, even though he isn’t even close to being fouled. Talk about all-star expectations. You are still human Lebron…

  13. Simson says:

    Get healthy Javale! Shaqtin a fool isn’t the same you. lol.

  14. Simson says:

    Get healthy Javale! Shaqtin a fool isn’t the same without you! lol

  15. Skerg says:

    Lance Stephenson’s alley was hilarious!!! I love Kenny as a singer!! LOL… Thanks SHAQ!

  16. Pejta24 says:

    Where is Perkins? Lebron you are great…

  17. jwalk says:

    only reason i voted lebron over kanter, was lebron had the nerves to complain to the refs on the first fail

  18. abc says:

    i would do anything if i played the heat in the playoffs to get zeller and afflalo. they are the only people who can make lebron miss on the fastbreak by watching him

  19. Navid says:

    Kanter does it NOT ONCE BUT TWICE

  20. Bob says:

    This was a great week of Shaqtin’ a Fool, all of them were legitimately LOL-worthy

  21. TheAll-Star136 says:


  22. filan says:

    finally new shaqtin a fool

  23. jeff says:

    Javale , kendrick and now Enes , they all center , LoL

  24. Billy says:

    We need more votes for Lebron, only because he complains to the ref when no one is near him, and, on the second one, he immediately points at the guy that was behind him like he got bumped or something. What a joke.

  25. weww says:

    the most funniest is this episode is the face of lance stephenson after the fail alley oop

  26. lee says:

    i miss my boy,,,,JAVALE where are you,,,,,

  27. D says:

    As Kenny pointed out…Lebron’s back foot got stepped on (flat tire). And Afflalo, or it looked like Afflalo at least, clearly reaches in with both hands. Although I doubt there is much contact, there’s at least something there to try to get a call for.

    Anyways… That pump jump shot doe! Just awful lol

    • LOL says:

      Wow, no he didn’t. Just admit Lebron made a mistake. He is human, and besides Kenny was saying flat tire on the 2nd one.

      • Game Time says:

        The 2nd shot was a goof that belonged, but the 1st shot Affalo reached across and got him on the left arm.

  28. mee(a)t says:

    this place is just a bashing on lebron…NO ONE thought Stevenson’s alley oop was funny?

  29. jwtam says:

    Enes Kanter just made one of the worst shots of the century and LeBron’s play was unusual.

  30. Kyle m says:

    Lebron. And of course he’s crying for a foul both times.

  31. Steph says:

    Kanter has nice potential to follow McGee and Perkins.
    Way to go !

  32. jimmie mac says:

    Lebron is creeping up on javal if he keeps flat tire dunking and crying like that! 😀 lay it up if you got no legs silly showboat.

  33. Sina says:

    JaVale McGee???

  34. Luke Phillips says:

    Look at the Golden state vs Chicago gam that was fairly recent there was a great one where Hinrich’s shoe was stolen and chucked away