Dwyane Wade Adds Mop To Videobomb Repetoire

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER –Videobombing has officially become a favorite past-time for the Miami Heat. After nearly every win, while LeBron James or whomever is chatting with Heat sideline reporter Jason Jackson, another Heat player figures out some way to mess with the interviewee. While Chris Bosh used to be the prime perpetrator, lately it’s Dwyane Wade who has has stepped up his game. Just last week we saw Wade bust out several cartwheels while LeBron was talking. This weekend he went in a more a physical direction and broke out a mop. LeBron’s reaction is great, as always.

VIDEO: Wade Videobombs With Mop


  1. ism says:

    Well, if anything, having fun and showing it is one thing that sticks out with these guys and one day this will help make people understand that you cannot grasp everything just by comparing players to Jordan.

  2. that’s what he should do everytime cuz they’re not winning anything this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • dont click shut the hell up says:

      you’re an idiot and a troll.. their team only got better since the last 2 years…

  3. isack says:

    repertoire* guys…
    change the title

  4. rvzablan says:

    Wade is phenomenal on and off the court. ๐Ÿ™‚