Kobe Gets Reaquainted With The Rim

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant throws down the first dunk since his return

A dunk is only worth two points, huh?

Not when you have the kind of impact that Kobe Bryant has. Not when you’re 35 years old and you’ve been pushing your body for months to do the unthinkable. Not when you’re only in your second game back from a devastating, career-altering injury and you completely blow all of the doubters’ minds.

OK, so maybe unlike Vino, dunking doesn’t necessarily get better with age. So what if it won’t crack the ultimate countdown at the Dunk HQ as one of the top dunks of the season. So what it lacked some of the bounce, flash and finish that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Kobe ever since he stole the show as a teen at the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest. What this does show is Kobe, repaired Achilles’ tendon and all, still has the fire, competitiveness and ability to pull off the unthinkable. And to do so in such short time, it begs the question: What else will Kobe do to surprise us?

Kobe may not be shocked at all by his feat, but one person who probably didn’t see this one coming is P.J. Tucker, the defender Kobe blew by for the jam. Remember, this is still “The Mamba”. This is just what Kobe does.


  1. Father says:

    Mamba !

    ….and ehmm, FIRST !!!

    • heavenshigh777 says:

      A dunk is just a dunk. BIG DEAL!!! He is 6′ 6″ and only needs to jump an inch to dunk!!! GET REAL PEOPLE!!!!

      • Game Time says:

        Yeah, I don’t see what the big deal is. I think he’s coming back into form, but all this over one basic dunk is just too much.

      • Anon says:

        Kobe has an injury that would of made a softie like LeBron(no offense) retire. He is old and he doesn’t have to jump 1 inch to dunk.

  2. will says:

    im not really expecting kobe to be like his old self right now but if he keeps working hard maybe sometime in January he’ll start getting some of that old flame back

  3. Travis Best says:

    lolz – you clearly didnt pay attention during the game. tkobe not only looked slow but had no jumping ability and no defense.

    • Show Some Respect says:

      Which makes his 20 pts and this dunk even more impressive for a guy who looked like that. It’s only Kobe’s second game back from a career ending injury. From playing almost zero basketball for months to playing in the NBA with healthy, well conditioned athletes. Quit hating and give credit where it’s due.

  4. Rank that says:

    black mamba back so soon? this was only the second game and he scores 20 points? LeBron didn’t even score 20 points yesterday…got shutdown by paul george.

    Lakers are following the blueprint on purpose…losing games for a new superstar and kobe will become a sidekick like D-Wade.

    I am laker fan and this is dream come true….> Rank that Tank

  5. waltwilliams55 says:

    Yah not a big deal, his head was not even above the net.

  6. karon says:

    u sound stupid a lot of players head dont make it above the net

  7. No disrespect to Kobe, but the dunk was barely that. Sure, he dunked which was good and all due to the injury he’d just came back from… but he really had to strain to get it up there. Hopefully he didn’t put too much force on his Achilles. If he’s slower in their next game against SAC, then I’d say blame the dunk. If he push himself too early he may get injured like D. Rose.

    So my advice would be, take it easy, and let your body get back into tip-top shape before going for the big dunks.

    • mike j says:

      What you mean like d-rose… He took almost a full year and a half before he came back lol idiot… injury happen to anybody… and d-rose didnt re-injure the same leg ….. different leg different injury.

      • Dominic says:

        Hahahahaahahhaahahaha what Mike j said. lol Like Drose. wow. watch more basketball and learn how to count.

  8. drew las cruces says:

    I really luv seeing the kobe the black mamba dunk & slam that rock but let him no please becareful we need him .

  9. andy paramount now las ruces says:

    I know that kobe can & will take it easy and not put to many min in .for those of you that have doubt say a prayer for THE BLACK MAMBA. hes the man the kid that has did so much for L A .

  10. Pinoy Idiot says:

    Kobe is DONE!!! Lakers would had a chance to beat Phoenix if Kobe wasn’t playing, just like Nelly said this ball hog doesn’t make his teamates any better!!!

  11. Donkalonk says:

    You may say it wasn’t a great dunk and big deal and all, but this would have been a huge mental and emotional deal for Kobe. To know that you can attempt to explode to the rim and not have your achilles blow out is a big deal. Good on him!


    oh silly lakers haters! thats a big deal you morons! because he suffered a career ending injury, and he is not played since he got injured! he dunked on his second game of his return! morons!

  13. Thefrozenone says:

    So you guys are saying its not a big deal, can you dunk at all(with a healthy ankle)? can you take 8 months off of basketball and dunk on a professional basketball player? oh…..ok

  14. and1probask says:

    nelly can’t even rap now he wants to be a sport commentator give me a break

  15. and1probask says:

    lets se how that works for him lol

  16. Johnyblakers$life says:

    I just love Kobe.. Phenominal player, welcome back!!!!

  17. Oz says:

    Kobe is and will always be a Ball Hog! It’s all about Kobe! Just retire already. You’re done!

  18. 2Kobe43Durant5 says:


  19. 2Kobe43Durant5 says:

    Kobe rocks, hes the best, 1st-Kobe, 2nd-Lebron, 3rd-Durant