George Hill Treats Pacers To Practice Feast

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A sure sign of a team that is on the same page is when a player voluntarily buys food for his teammates. And while the Pacers were on their big road trip the last few weeks, George Hill decided to step it up and give his teammates a taste of something that reminded him of home — well, a second home. Hill, who is originally from Indianapolis, was drafted and broke into the NBA with San Antonio, where he played for three seasons before being traded home to Indy. So with the Pacers coming off their day of travel mess, Hill stepped it up and had one of his favorite San Antonio restaurants cater a grand post-practice spread for the team. Let’s eat!

VIDEO: George Hill’s Practice Feast


  1. will says:

    He almost cost indy the game against the heat im starting think cj watson should start over him

  2. Bruce Crane says:

    THIS PLACE IS SOOO GOOD!!! I used to live in sa and this place is bomb, go here ALL THE TIME!!! GO SPURS GO!

  3. Fefe (Nets) says:

    @Will: CJ Watson off the bench is great (he plays well along with Luis Scola off the bench). Struggling from time to time can happen; with George Hill you shouldn’t look only into the numbers, he’s a point guard with good defense which fits perfectly with Indiana.