Jordan Flu Game Shoes Sell For Over $100,000

1997 NBA Finals Game Five: Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have followed with some interest the saga of Michael Jordan‘s Flu Game shoes, the kicks he wore during the historic game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. First we discovered that the shoes had ended up with a Utah Jazz ballboy, and then the ballboy spilled some interesting details about the flu game (including MJ’s love for applesauce).

The actual shoes, a pair of Jordan XII’s, finally went up for auction this week, and they sold today. According to ESPN, The previous record for game-worn shoes was just over $31,000 for a pair of shoes Jordan wore his rookie year. And as ESPN reports, after many bids, the Jordan flu game shoes finally sold earlier today…for a whopping $104,765. That’s a lot of applesauce.


  1. dreadyjun says:


  2. NewYorker says:

    Worth it! 😀

    • Tony C says:

      I agree. That Flu game was a very courageous performance by MJ. He never let us down. What I mean by that is he always gave his all for his teammates and the fans who paid money to watch him play.

      Some people work long and hard just to get enough money to come see an NBA Game with their kids. And these moments, for kids, will be cherrished. So players should show up if at all possible and give their all. NO COP-OUTS ALLOWED.

  3. Edmontonian says:

    Wish I am the ball boy..

  4. Joel XL says:

    Will be worth much more when MJ dies

  5. Mike says:

    I’d pay extra if there was a chance of catching the same flu.

  6. MrEtCetera says:

    them 12s is fake

  7. Buddy says:

    I the one that purchased the shoes, I would have paid twice as much for them

  8. JLin17 says:

    I used to idol MJ growing up as a kid. But the older I get, the more I hear and realize that MJ is actually not a nice person. Sure, he was great at what he did, but think about it, he’s still a human being who may have faulted more than any one of us. So to spend that much money on shoes that he has worn is just absurd. I have stopped buying AJ shoes as well.

  9. e says:

    I dont understand why so many people support this dude. What has he done for our communities???

  10. Kevin says:

    I think it was game 6 finals 1997

  11. jumppong says:

    Hey people all forget what about Pippen shoes??? it can bid too.

  12. Eaham says:

    Love his game, but he is a egotistic individual. he makes millions still by doing nothing yet I rrarely hear about him donating to the poor or doing anything for the community.

  13. New Jack Swing says:

    Whoa! Nice! I wonder what they smell like…

  14. isack says:

    i wouldn’t pay $1 for those shoes… they’re just shoes…
    it’s not like they are ableto grant three wishes.

  15. p fro taylor says:

    well worth it… id do it

  16. juhugy4l says:

    maybe mj can just try avoid riots and murders when his brand releases retro shoes. make the stock a little bigger, you know michael ? just a little, for the dead man shoes
    or maybe you and your employees need money so baadddly to buy food, like survivors. that’s a possibility.
    well, nevermind michael, enjoy your champagne.
    you are still the goat

  17. skyhook33 says:

    Are we talking about MJ hung over game…?

  18. alvin gin says:

    how bout pippens shoes? how much??

  19. THERAWGUY says:

    I think that those shoes are overpriced or should be donated for people who need the money. 😦

  20. Wow! Now you got ’em…. Go gold plate ’em….

  21. maverick says:

    jordan sucks!

  22. D.Joshua Lindsey says:

    Those are not worth 100,000

  23. juhugy4l says:

    nobody talks about the dwigh howard diarrhea game shoes