Google Releases Top-Searched NBA Players, Teams In 2013

LeBron James_Game6

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This may not be the most scientific data available, but it’s pretty interesting. Today Google released their lists of the most-searched for NBA players and teams in 2013, compiling data from 72 countries. Some of the results are not that surprising (hey LeBron!), but some of the others? Can’t say I saw them coming (fly high, New Orleans Pelicans!)…


  1. blaz says:

    What the … is New Orleans Pelicans?! Let me google that! 😉

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    I’d say Pelicans would be 2nd because of the name change. Milwaukee must have a big population to be 10th the way they’ve been playing.
    Jeremy Lin far from the 2nd best player but he has the Asian market behind him. Interesting to see legends at 3,4,9 and 10.

  3. John Lai says:

    Despite ESPN’s advertising, Haren is not even close around the block in receiving attentions from the fans.