Michael Jordan’s House Does Not Sell

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We recently got word that Michael Jordan‘s Chicago-area home was up for sale. And as with any 9-bedroom, 19-bathroom, 56,000-square-foot mansion, people seemed to be curious enough to want to check out what that house looked like inside, and there were videos giving posted a tour of the lavish spread. This video has racked up over 2 million views…

VIDEO: MJ’s House

Jordan has apparently been trying to sell the house for a while, so this latest round of publicity was tied directly to putting the house up for auction and trying to find a properly motivated buyer.

Today word comes that the proper buyer has still yet to be found: The auction was held yesterday, and the reserve price was not met. According to the Tribune, the house was originally listed at $29 million, making it the most expensive house in the state of Illinois.

What’s next? As Jordan’s spokesperson tells the Tribune, “We are disappointed that the high bid in today’s auction of Michael Jordan’s residence in Highland Park did not meet the reserve price. Concierge Auctions gave great exposure to the property and opportunity, but the market conditions were just not right to drive a fair value. We will be evaluating options for the property in the new year.”


  1. isack says:

    this is ridiculous… he has enough money and yet he doesn’t want to lower the price a bit.

    • bunbury says:

      the more money you get, the more money you want. that’s just a natural psychological effect money does to human beings.

    • bunbury says:

      maybe his plan is to acquire Lebron James for a year.

    • Way smarter than isack says:

      He has lowered it numerous times. Think before you speak.

    • Bobbie says:

      Why should he? It´s his house. He gets to decide the price he wants to sell it with. If you had 20 000 dollars on your bank account would you pay a 100 bucks for a beer just because you could and maybe someone else couldn´t?

  2. Bill says:

    Ok, the gym is cool and all, but the rest i think is overpriced

  3. fan says:

    if I had the money I would bye but ….

  4. DG says:

    I wouldnt pay 30 mil for it.

  5. MF says:

    i wouldnt buy it and maybe michael jordan is going bankrupt so he needs the money, but tht dosent matter he should have enough money for everything, why would you sell your house close to christmas and everything

  6. Brodus Clay says:

    personally i thinkn michael jordan is the best!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dej says:

    I am happy without his lavish mansion. People like him should set an example for materialistic America by just donating it to a non-profit museum if is of no use for him now or donate for a cause. I think that would pay him the best in longer run. Future should wow about his basketball greatness rather than his wealth and how he lived after the fact that he earned through his greatness. MJ you are not taking anything up there to god. All the best!

  8. Millionaire says:

    mmmm . . . The fact that Juanita took half of his cash without ever touching a basketball and these two douchebags being the face representing the house shows that even MJ can run out of luck… everytime this dude made a douchbag comment the price of teh house dropped 5 millions.. The staging of the house made it look a auditorium!

  9. vinsanefan says:

    Why the heck does the house have 19 bathrooms!!! Who would ever design a house with so many bathrooms. You think that MJ could hold it a bit longer.

  10. juhugy4l says:

    29 M, lol ok. michael you was scammed.
    very simple for thi prices, nothing pretty. garden horrible. nice basketball court but hey, it’s not th house.
    inside, too personal and again, nice house but for 29 millions you can have 10 times better.

    • Champ Kind says:

      Is it just me or are there a remarkable amount of redundant lounge rooms.

      Also *his* design hurt the value. The pool is unique but cold and uninviting.

  11. Rodgerwilco says:

    It’s all about location. If this house was in Cali you would be looking at 40mill+. I would love to own it, but… its location. Come on….

  12. Joe says:

    The gym is awesome, but the design of the pool is sort of awkward if your going to be in there with others. 19 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms, seriously?! It’s just unnecessary. And the house has so many different branches and twists and turns that it would be so easy to be secluded from anyone else in the home.

  13. alex says:

    I think the best way to get rid of it is to donate it to Chicago Bulls. And use it as a Club House. After all He was the best player Bulls ever had and the world ever seen. So this-his house should be used as a trademark of Chicago Bulls.

  14. Luke Dailey says:

    Huge house! I bet when Jordan first had it built he was so excited and ready to spend his life there. Now he’s selling it because its just wood, metal, and dirt that he never uses. It’s a shame how people spend their money and time on things that will one day decay and crumble. Beautiful home, just not all it’s cracked up to be.

  15. 23 says:

    i doubt Jordan needs money, if he was going bankrupt he’d sell it for cheap. He likely is spending more time in north carolina, though i wonder if he is moving his jordan company headquarters there?

  16. Gorilla says:

    In miami the house would be double that price.

  17. bob says:

    If only I had $29 million… I would love to live in that house. To say that house is overpriced is insanity. It’s like living in your own community. I do think it’s a bit of an overkill, but still.

  18. dustydreamnz says:

    It’s incredible but I wouldn’t pay that much not that I have that much. Who wouldn’t want all that stuff?

  19. joanneemery says:

    It’s no so much the value of the house it’s the maintenance related to it! It will be a hard sell his advisers should have started the bidding war at $8 – $12 million they would probably have started an emotion driven bidding war which would have resulted in a 20 – 30 million dollar sale! Now that this word got it I dunno! lol. By the way since when does the NBA take an interest in residential real estate?

    Okay well I got this house I’m trying to flip message me for details! jus kidding!

  20. oscar says:

    I will pay the 29 mil only if Jordan stays to be the chef

  21. Bill says:

    I don’t know why the media is making a big deal about Jordan can’t sell his mansion. The mansion is elegant and beautiful, shame he’s selling it. My opinion is that no one is going to purchase the mansion.

  22. Mj says:

    You all sound like haters, how is it that some of u dont find this house amazing, u all wish u were living in a place like this, just because u cant afford it dosent mean that is not worth it

  23. Da Beast says:

    I wonder how many homeless people of Chicago this can house…

  24. pj says:

    People who would love to live there because its MJs house, can not afford it… People who can afford it, don’t really care to have it, because they already have a nice house, and dont care if its MJs house

  25. Todd Smith says:

    Yeah Mike, I’d pay $29 Mil but you’ll have to play Basketball in that gym for an entire year.


  26. 11:11 says:

    maintenance gonna cost arms and legs

  27. al-din says:

    9 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. It’s more than two bathrooms per bedroom. What a hell? How often do you need to take a crap MJ?

  28. SoulChorea says:

    No one wants to spend all that money for a property in Chicago…they’re getting way too much bad press these days. I wouldn’t pay 200 bucks for a house in Chicago right now lol

  29. mud says:

    Even if I hit a $700 million Mega Millions jackpot, I am not buying a house for $29mil, that’s unnecessary over-indulgance. Think of how much humanitarian work one can do with $29mil, you could change the world and have greater satisfaction doing that. Long story short, way overpriced.
    Try under $10mil

  30. Jordy says:

    9 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms? Maybe no body wants a house that has ten times as many places to use the bathroom as there is to sleep perhaps?

  31. ETneb Panchin says:

    Saw the vid. The interior is so 90’s and not that beautiful, small door, more walls. Not worth it.

  32. Oh what!??? MJ’S house is for sale!!!??? Why didn’t you tell me earlier……….. I’ll buy it!!!

  33. Frank says:

    Cribs used to be a lot more interesting…

  34. mikem says:

    He has always had poor choice in taste. Look how he has dressed over the years, there is a website dedicated to his poor attire. Did you think his flawed taste was only in clothing, its everything. Doesnt mean he aint a smart/lucky business men…

  35. boobies says:

    The house is too personalised, If he sold it during his first retirement it would have gone for the highest dollar. Jordan has not played in 10 years and his glory days ending 15 years ago. Having a Jordan court and gold flag would not increase its value.

    The value would increase with the market and location prices, its cool to see what MJs life would have been like in 1994 and how supreme and rich athletes live. Although its highly unlikely that anyone with his kind of money would be that much of a diehard fan.

  36. Theman says:

    I want it!!! NO I NEED IT!!!