Run That Back: Collison Does The Impossible Twice

VIDEO: Matt Barnes deflects the ball and Darren Collison finishes

Ladies and gentlemen, Darren Collison is here to shock and awe.

Last night, he completed one of the most improbable shots you’ll ever see right before the half of the Clippers’ matchup against the Nuggets. It came suddenly and out of nowhere. It was a voila moment not because of the shot itself, per se, but because of the shooter. Collison’s circus shot was performed in L.A., making its entry into the Top Plays Theatre all the more fitting.

A lot had to go right for this play to work, so we’ll boil it down to the two essentials. The Clippers had to get the ball (they were on D). Second, whoever got the pill had to throw up a contorted, non-set shot and hope it escaped his hands in time, much less made its way into the hoop.

Collison cared nothing about those odds. Why? Because he has shocked and awed before. The primary S&A moment came on an eerily similar buzzer-beater Dec. 27, 2012 against the Thunder, as a Dallas Maverick:

VIDEO: Darren Collison ties game vs. Thunder with miracle shot

It’s something about the winter that gets the former UCLA Bruin going. Collison, son of two world-class Guyanan track athletes, connected both of his incredible shots on different legs. Last night, he needed Matt Barnes to deflect the ball to the right spot so he could corral the rock and launch a right-legged strike. Last year, he needed a Vince Carter deflection, a Shawn Marion dish and a left leg ready to set up a moment the Collison family can boast about for a long, long time.

I don’t expect anyone to challenge him at H-O-R-S-E for high stakes anytime soon.


  1. Javier says:

    Oh please, the one as a Maverick vs the Thunder wins easily. I don’t even know why bother to compare them.

    • Slax says:

      Are you kidding, it’s not even close the other way. A. The clippers were on defense not offense when it was tipped to Collison by Barnes, B) He shoots it with one hand in the Clipper game unlike the other with two. C the defender was in his face unlike the Mavs game where he was by him self. The Clipper miracle shot wins easily. Case closed.

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    Yeah, the fact he had both feet off the floor made the Mavericks one quite freakish.

  3. freddy says:

    um, he jumped off his right leg in both situations… can you tell your left from right? not that it matters that much.

  4. HorryScale says:

    For difficulty of shot – the Clippers one.
    For Horry scale epicness (sends the game into overtime) – the Mavs one.

  5. freal says:

    Mavs….obvious. Clips one was good, but Mavs one, taking into account all the obvious reasons: unbelievable

  6. ronrivs says:

    They should trade Collison again. That way he can say he’s the first player in NBA history to hit a buzzer beater with three different teams in a single season.

  7. ronrivs says:

    They should trade Collison again, that way he can become the first player in NBA history to hit a buzzer shot with three different teams in a single season.