Charlotte Bobcats Debut New Hornets Logo, Mascot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Now that the New Orleans Hornets are officially the New Orleans Pelicans, the Hornet has been left buzzing along alone, at least in mascot terms. Not for long, though, as the Charlotte Bobcats will shrug off the Cats and once again become the Charlotte Hornets.

Confused? Think of it this way: The Charlotte Hornets were one the of the NBA’s most popular teams during the ’90s, with one of the most identifiable logos and uniforms. In 2002, they franchise moved to New Orleans, and in 2013 they became the Pelicans. Meanwhile, in 2004 a new team was established in Charlotte, and called the Bobcats. But now that the popular Hornets nickname is back on the market, the Bobcats have wasted no time announcing their intentions to reclaim their iconic mascot.

The change doesn’t actually kick in until next season, but for now the Bobcats/Hornets (Hobcats? Bornets?) have set up a website where you can look through all their new logos. There’s also a video here showing off their new brand identity below

VIDEO: Hornets Display New Brand Identity

What do you think about the new-look Hornets?


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m not a Charlotte fan but this is awesome. Amazing promo.

  2. Buckdawg says:

    I hate the whole idea of this. The Bobcat’s team is NOT the old Hornet’s one, by using their name they’re just leeching off of their success because they cannot find any of their own. It’s pathetic.

  3. Free Aaron Hernandez says:

    Charlotte finally gets the Hornets name back, now if only Seattle can somehow get an NBA team all will be well in the NBA universe.

  4. Anonymous_Mad_Mascot says:

    Good: Season ticket holders buying all new memorabilia..
    Better: All Bobcats’ products discounted at the