Enes Kanter Trash Talks To Al Jefferson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just because NBA players may become friendly with one another, that doesn’t mean they can’t find the motivation necessary to get fired up when taking on an opponent…particularly if it’s an old friend. When the Jazz took on the Bobcats over the weekend, it meant a return match-up for former Jazz big Al Jefferson, who signed as a free agent with the Bobcats this summer.

To make sure everyone was in the proper frame of mind, Jazz center Enes Kanter left a trash-talking note in Jefferson’s locker (complete with a reference to Jefferson’s super-sized bed) to ensure he was properly motivated.

Note Enes Kanter left for Al Jefferson. An all time classic

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  1. Ken says:

    Pump fake? This instantly reminds me of Shaqtin’ a fool Vol 3. Episode 5….

  2. OKC says:

    Ha that’s awesome. Enis Kanter has the hand writing of a 4 year old lol.

    • #30 says:

      Ernes kanter is the predecessor of Javale

    • Jab says:

      Well given that he just learned Emglish two years ago and sure he is not even that good at it id say its not bad.

    • JaVale says:

      Don’t ALL NBA players have writing skills of a 4 yr. old? J/K- But really Enes is fluent at least in two languages, how many languages are you fluent in “OKC”?

      Enes is the epidomy of cool in the NBA!