Dwight Howard Gives Good Gifts

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The last few years have been a bit rough for Dwight Howard, at least in terms of public perception. Does he want to be traded or doesn’t he? Will he sign an extension or won’t he? Which team will he sign with in free agency? But what is it like playing alongside Dwight? Well, it seems pretty nice, at least on Christmas.

Several members of the Houston Rockets took to the internet yesterday to display their holiday gifts from Dwight, who seems to be a very conscientious gift-giver. According to James Harden, Howard got him the exact Audemars-Piguet watch that he wanted…

Dwight also went out and got Rolex’s for Chandler Parsons (here) and Greg Smith (here). And according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Dwight presumably went to the secondary market to find a pair of Air Mags for Aaron Brooks. “So generous,” Brooks told Stein. “Most people on the outside look at him wrong. I know ’cause I did, too, before [becoming Howard’s teammate]. He’s a great guy. Huge heart.”

You’d think after all that, Dwight’s teammates might be a bit more willing to share a little love with Dwight. But even after Jeremy Lin poked fun at Dwight with his Instagram post the other day…

…if what we saw yesterday was any indication, you’d be wrong…


(via SBNation; Brooks via BDL; GIF via gifdsports)


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Huge heart, well he is almost 7’0 so Brooks is probably being truthful.

  2. milen says:

    This guy is like cancer for any team… sooner or later he will rip the Rockets apart too… one,two seasons, the rings will not come and the fights will start… just like in Orlando and LA….mark my word he will not bring them any glory

  3. tip day says:

    what a watch ! i need that !

  4. lol says:

    Man I wanted to buy a watch the other day but then I saw the price.. dam, the one I was looking for was about $500. D12 just bought them $50k+ watches. YO DWIGHT, I AM HUGE HOUSTON FAN FROM OVERSEAS *The Netherlands( Europe)
    Get me the same watch as Harden, please!

  5. Trevor Stone says:

    It really is awesome that the Rockets have such a dominant player that also happens to be a great teammate. You da man Dwight!

  6. Truth Teller says:

    Personally I hate them both, but that did not look like hate, it looked like “Dude quit humping my leg bro!”

  7. exiled says:

    big heart superman….fun guy to hang with

  8. Malsy says:

    I wonder what Dwight bought Kobe last year? Or Pau or Nash? Not criticizing, just curious. Does he always give his teammates gifts? I don’t remember that from his days in Orlando being a big deal. Maybe just because of the price tag…

  9. This guy is compared to most cancers for just about any team… in the end he’ll almost certainly deal to the actual Rockets apart too… one particular, 2 periods, the actual bands will not likely arrive and the spats begins.