The Mike Woodson Reaction Reel

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — To me, the most underrated part of the Shaqtin’ A Fool videos each week are the reaction shots of the coaches on the sidelines, slackjawed and in disbelief, as their players repeatedly fail to execute. If any coach has had reason to look incredulous over and over this season, it’s probably Knicks coach Mike Woodson. Last season the Knicks fought their way to a 54-win campaign. This season they’re on pace to win about 26. And if you’re looking for an indicator that nothing can go the right way, just check out this lengthy supercut from the folks at Oakley and Allen of how Mike Woodson’s season has gone thus far. (#struggleface)

VIDEO: Woodson Reactions

(via TNLP)


  1. DiogoRafael says:

    I really do feel sorry for this person. So much pain in is face

  2. $$$GUWAP$$$ says:

    This dude spends more time on his goatee and making sure he’s completely bald than he does coaching the team

  3. Bobby Brown says:

    Thats what happens when you have a team consistently run isolation plays and take tough shots rather than running plays and setting screens. Knicks are a joke.

  4. Alex says:

    “We’re paying these guys how much??

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    I’ve always wanted to know if Mike Woodson’s beard is fake?

  6. homeboy love says:

    Why would any black men want to work in the racist media capital of the world.

  7. OLschoolBallerz says:

    Ive been a Knick fan since 1967..Ive watched every game this year ,,,,.the current Knicks go down the court and take 2-3 dribbles than chuck up a 3pointer or a weak jumper…no picks …no screens…. no movement… plays….Ive even have been routing for the opponents to beat them …they need a complete overhaul

  8. homeboy love says:

    Great coach. The Bobcats need him.

  9. PigCoP says:

    He just needs to shave of his beard and thing will start to turn 🙂

  10. DeezNutz says:

    Give j.r. a blunt

  11. zerrouz says:

    wow didnt expect that from mike 0-o ! still the best !

  12. b-rad says:

    Seems like Woody has no offensive plan for this team. The pick and roll works well with Bargnani, Chandler and Stat but they hardly ever run it. He may yell and scream at the team when they suck defensively but they never improve. Yelling doesn’t work, He needs to teach defense and get the offense moving. I was impressed with him last year but now that times are tough and the three aren’t falling he has no solution. New coach needed and a trade as well.

    • $$$GUWAP$$$ says:

      They don’t do pick and roll because Melo loves having the ball and either way they rarely have a healthy PG to run pick and roll. And in terms of defense, all you have to do is watch Shaqtin a Fool to see the effort Bargnani gives on defense, and we all know Melo, STAT, and J.R. never play defense as well so you can’t blame him for that as well.

  13. Manu says:

    Knick is better without Melo…everyone just stays on their feet whenever Melo has the ball…it’s like..”he will shoot it anyway, what’s the point of running without the ball.”

  14. Germain says:

    My guts are telling me Mike Woodson will wake up one day and he will propose his resignation to the Knicks. If he doesn’t do it, The Knicks organization will force him to do it. Enough is Enough,

  15. Bob dialog says:

    Knicks struggles come from Woodson lack of leadership to bench Melo when the team plays well without him..Melo is shellfish,he is very arrogant in the floor,dont trust any Knicks player,and Woodson let him do what he wants..With Melo Knicks go nowhere…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Knicks problem is their players especially Melo. Mike woodson need to learn from Eric spoelstra on how he handles lebron and wade arrogancy.

  17. bu says:

    We all remembered how Woodson’s Hawks played & how the Knicks played with Lin & Melo out, & with Kidd, Felton playing 2 PG + 1 SG. Team ball, solid D. With Felton down, Kidd gone, Chandler out, the remaining main guys don’t play enough D, nor there’s playmaker to run offense.

    Melo, ST, JR were never good leaders nor have the will to play D or sacrifice to win games. Even if you put Doc Rivers or Pop or P Jax here will not do the job. Knicks need to keep Woody and breakup Melo & ST and find a solid PG who plays great D to back Felton.

    Looks like major overhaul coming.

  18. #30 says:

    Worse team than Lakers

  19. maorinash says:

    Poor guy, I know he’s looking up to the scoreboard but it looks like he’s looking up to the heavens for any sort of help to get some wins lol.