Turner Riles Up Lakers With Late Jam

VIDEO: Evan Turner’s late-game dunk

By Jonathan Hartzell, NBA.com

Evan Turner didn’t make many friends in Los Angeles with this 180-degree dunk at the end of Sunday night’s game.

The Sixers led the Lakers 109-104 with less than ten seconds left when James Anderson grabbed a long-rebound to seal the win for Philadelphia. Instead of holding the ball for the final four seconds, Anderson passed it ahead to Turner, who didn’t think twice before throwing down the monster dunk to act as an exclamation point on their win. As you can see towards the end of the video, the Lakers’ Nick Young — and probably the rest of the Lakers team — did not take too kindly to Turner breaking an unwritten NBA rule.

Turner attempted to apologize for the dunk to Young and other Lakers after the game. But they didn’t seem too keen to accept it.

A similar situation occurred last season between the Portland Trail Blazers and Chicago Bulls when a rookie Damian Lillard couldn’t help but add some emphasis to his team’s win. His action quickly drew displeasure from Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.

VIDEO: Lillard’s late-game dunk irks Bulls’ veterans last season


  1. Bataar says:

    @Mike D’Antoni, Please please please leave Lakers yourself.

    • uoykcuf says:

      LA fan boys, please please please leave. Time to bandwagon another team. Your choice: Heat / Thunder.

      • uoykcuf says:

        LA fan boys are the worst. They either blame whoever’s coaching. Remember firing Mike brown a year ago? Or find a scapegoat other than Kobe. Dwight Howard anyone?

        Mike can coach Nash for 2 MVP season. Mike can coach a bunch of scrubs in New york to win before Carmelo/Amare return. Still coach’s fault? Not even Phil can save your Fakers.

        Don’t get me started on the contract that Kobe signed. LA dumb move and Fakers are doomed for the next decade.

        Goodbye Fakers fan boys, it’s been a pleasure.

      • Michael says:

        Laker fans in general are worst. Just listen to how nobody cheers unless its a close game in the 4th then compare with any team with a half-decent winning record. Any other fans will cheer throughout the game. Not the Laker fans.

  2. scott says:

    Fans love it we pay to see a show and that’s what we expect
    And if they don’t want a sick dunk play defense to the end instead of walking off the court with your tails between your legs

  3. Querelle says:

    LMAO at the idea of a showboat like Nick Young being bothered by Turner’s dunk.

  4. F.B. says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Those losing teams are just sour-graping. I agree with you scott, if they don’t like getting dunked on, then they should play some d.

  5. Ron says:

    I agree with Scott, nothing was wrong with what Evan Turner did.. He put on a show as what he is paid to do…I would have done the same thing, except go back to apologize to Nick Young.. Probably would have shimmy and side step after the dunk too.

  6. PadgetVounder says:

    Throw it down on those sore losers. As a fan, I’m more than happy to see a player make the last few seconds more entertaining. Rub it in their faces, piss em off. Good.

  7. Don says:

    Most fans love to see dunks like that. Play D the entire game, if u dont want that to happen.

  8. tim t says:

    the games already over,odviously they don’t have a chance to win so I don’t think it matters either way. if they really wanna dunk with 0.8 left go for it

  9. Spire says:

    great to see some players put that exclamation point. its awesome especially when its a sick dunk like turners or when the home team does it. it gets the fans pumped as we are standing up giving the final applause to our home team. screw the ‘unwritten rule’

  10. Louis says:

    Um, who cares? If your not going to defend at the end of the game just cause you lost already doesn’t mean someone can’t take advantage of it. Play to the end, that is how I see it.

  11. yoyoyoyoyo123 says:

    It’s just bad sportsmanship.

  12. LB11 says:

    man…tough week for Nick Young – no respect from the refs and no respect from other teams either!!

  13. maorinash says:

    It’s funny cause Noah was one of the players who got angry in the Lillaird clip, but from what I remember he did it as well last year in order to try and get the fans some burgers but failed lol.

  14. Oh Well says:

    Don’t like it, win the game and they can’t do it to you.

  15. dustydreamnz says:

    I agree with everyone. An awesome dunk or any dunk for that matter is perfectly legal, rub their faces in it. It wasn’t Philly’s fault the Lakers weren’t there to defend it. I wouldn’t have apologised. It’s what most fans want to see. It was Philly’s 2nd road win, they felt the need to celebrate.

  16. Travis says:

    Omg, give me a break. Look, the 76ers havent had much success at all this century/millenium besides when Iverson got them to the Finals vs the Lakers back in 01-02. If they wanna celebrate a victory and put on a show in L.A. then let em do it. They get paid millions. Forget following it by the script. The players don’t like it because it adds insult to injury.. OH WELL! I think if anything it will motivate you to not get yourself in that predicament again late in the game and to wanna win every game so you don’t have to worry about such plays. You’re also supposed to play defense until the final horn and the clock reads 0.00…what happened to that part of the “SCRIPT” to respectful NBA agenda of closing out games??? Did your coach not tell you that Chicago and L.A.???

  17. Lomax says:

    I dont see a problem with this i mean seriously if they dont want to be dunked on in the last seconds of the game dont give up, show some character and play till the last buzzer goes

  18. Garry says:

    So damn what if they want and can make a play at the end. Why get your knickers in a twist?

  19. Truth Teller says:

    What if the other team did that to them in some of the 50+ games that they are going to loose this year.

  20. ollie boombayay says:

    The Lakers, the all-time showboating team in the history of the NBA, were salty about an extra dunk?! Not to mention the Lakers were trying to get a 3 just seconds before that. I didn’t hear any boos from the crowd. All I heard was “ooohhhs.” This isn’t baseball. A little razzle dazzle is appreciated. Remember Evan Turner is in a contract year too. He’s trying out for every other team because the 76ers didn’t offer him an extension.

  21. David Stern says:

    $100,000,000 fine and a 10 year suspension

  22. Meddie says:

    Lakers and all teams for that matter should play defense up to the last second. Improve your defense first.

  23. Brian says:

    Here’s a thought. If you don’t like being shown up then get back on defense and make him earn it from the line. I’m sick of all the talk about unwritten rules. Fans pay to see 48 minutes of B-ball and if you’re too lazy to play out the final seconds then you deserve to have this happen.

  24. TurnUp says:

    Their pay to play 48 minute a night, If they don’t want to play 48 minute let the bench play. 5 point isn’t even a close win. Should of shot a 3 instead. The possibilities are endless in the NBA. T-Mac did it in 13 second. So i say go ahead give your team a bigger lead, just in case the other team decide to jack up some 3s.

  25. jimbo says:

    I don’t see what the problem was… the Lakers couldn’t defend all night. What’s one more basket at the end of the game ? They have a multitude of problems, including a major one… lack of a game plan. They couldn’t defend college teams, much less lower echelon pro teams. For the fan (uoykuf ??) that likes D’Antoni, it should be noted that Mike does not have a single championship despite coaching some good squads in Phoenix. He has never been known for emphasis on defense, hence is the type of coach usually desired by team owners with lots of vets and/or have no intention of spending big money to get better. With his system he will never coach a championship team… so what does that say about the Buss bunch ? They are marking time. Watch the Laker games on TV, don’t waste your money going to the game until they commit to rebuilding a squad that can win it all. No offense meant to the current roster.

  26. Steven says:

    Wow NBA players are gigantic sooks. I don’t think Turner did anything wrong, and another video i saw with Lillard against the Bulls. Seriously don’t act like giant babies because you lost the game.

  27. lhool says:

    noah has a problem with a unwritten rule that we have to have in mind..but it’s not like going in the other team locker room and annoying everybody right ? be cooool (when i try to abuse you only)
    and nick young swaggy reaction, lol. crime against the king, how daaaare you. i am soooo professional.
    i think lakers need to be suspended; the entire team. for the season

  28. Go sixers says:

    Nice dunk by turner! It’s such B.S. a big deal is being made of this. If it was lebron, it would just be a highlight they’d show on espn. Like a few of you guys said, play D for 48 mins.

  29. Go sixers says:

    Also, Miami band wagoners are far worse than laker boys now. I hope lebron does leave the heat after this season just to see where these heat “fans” are!

  30. DunkOnYou says:

    I see no problem about that dunk. That’s entertainment right there. Nick Young – a bitter loser! :p

  31. asdf says:

    At the end of the day it’s just bad sportsmanship…legal, yes, but just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

  32. bugz says:

    i get that nobody wants to lose and the game was practically over so why shoot but come on this is just silly, i mean why be angry coz someone on the winning team dunked on the last second to add on some more points or to showboat. you already lost, him dunking on the last second wasnt to humiliate anyone he was just playing every second of the game as he should be. i agree it was probably painful to see that but the drama after it was just too much.