The Best NBA Videobombs Of 2013

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the last few years we’ve seen the Miami Heat fundamentally change the NBA in several ways, but in no way off the court moreso than with their perfection of the videobomb. You know what this is, right? It’s pretty simple: When a person is on camera and another person pops up behind them. The Heat have pioneered it, and now other teams are trying to follow in their footsteps. Here are the best NBA videobombs of 2013…

VIDEO: Best NBA Videobombs of 2013


  1. Diddy says:

    Fun galore…… Good one Miami

  2. Bman says:

    Jonas Valanciunas – best videobomber of 2013

  3. Aguilo says:

    Go miami heat!!! Lebron is funny with his face lol

  4. Akron Big Mike #1 Fan Of LBJ says:

    Happy birthday to the King. May you have many more. Keep on being the man God called you to be.

  5. jon says:

    Whyd they leave out wade mopping the floor??? That was the best one

  6. lhool says:

    good ambiance chez les heat
    now WHO will videobomb gregg popovich ?

  7. LOL says:


  8. dandan says:

    i wish the interview would continue as if nothing happened. makes the videobomb seem better in my opinion

  9. elpee says:

    It was funny for a while, now its starting to get annoying. Postgame comments are more interesting to me.

  10. Ehi says:

    Lol the spike lee one the best !!!