Toronto Raptors Considering Black And Gold Color Change?

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Toronto Raptors seem to be in the midst of a massive reboot. A few months ago, longtime sports executive Tim Lieweke was brought in to run their parent organization, MLSE. They lured former Denver Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri in to run their basketball operations, and even inked hip-hop artist Drake to serve as something of a nebulous “global ambassador.”

These are all (mostly) big moves designed to change the fabric of the organization, but these are all also mostly behind-the-scenes changes. How to you make a change that people (fans) will notice? You do it a bit more obviously. To that end, Toronto Star writer Doug Smith reports that the Raptors are considering changing their team colors. (I guess that’s “colours” for you Canadians.) As Smith writes

You know how they are working on the “re-branding” of everything to do with the HOTH, right? Maybe new colours, maybe a new logo, maybe all kinds of things different for the 2015-16 season.

Well, how about this:

Black and gold.

Now, I’m not suggesting it’s a done deal and a lot of different people and companies are coming up with a lot of different looks and styles but I was told on the weekend that black and gold is definitely something being considered.

Good? Bad? Indifferent?

My immediate reaction was, as the kids say, “meh” because it’s not a colour scheme that makes me sit up and take notice and because I don’t really see anything wrong with the way things are right now.

And I would suggest that if one of Tim Leiweke’s great plans is to have the Raptors become “Canada’s team” that going away from red and white doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But black and gold are cliché and they are in vogue and they a radical change from the, let’s see, purple, red, white, black, camouflage, blue and I’m sure there are others that we’ve been subjected to over the years.

Perhaps it’s also worth noting that black and gold seem to be the colors of Drake’s OVO Sound record label.

Regardless, as Smith points out, if the Raptors don’t start winning games whatever they wear won’t matter that much.

What do you think? Should the Raptors switch their franchise colors to black and gold?


  1. AsanteEl says:

    I like the purple and black.

    • Hai says:

      If not the colour, then the name and logo. The name “Raptors” doesn’t represent Canada at all (except Alberta). Think of a name that has to do with Canada, or at least with Toronto!

  2. AsanteEl says:

    I like the black and purple they already have.

  3. Candad Dry says:

    They are Canada’s only NBA team.. Uniforms need to have strong red and white presence, Canada’s flag colours. Black and gold would be awful for any team, let alone the Raptors. Puncture this trail balloon now.

    • Jay Harris says:

      Black and gold would not be terrible on any team its just how the designs will be like you cant just have gold stripes it will have to be more creative than that

  4. Candad Dry says:

    And if Raps don’t start making the playoffs soon, their uniforms won’t matter. If they had three consecutive 50-win years, no one would be debating a uniform makeover

  5. Ryan says:

    Purple, Red and Black all the way

  6. allan says:

    change it back to purple

  7. yano says:

    Raptors are the only Canadian team in NBA they should have a strong colours that represents Canada which is white and Red.. currently they have that colour in their jerseys and i don’t think its a good idea to change and remind Representing Canada with white and Red.. Black and Gold have nothing to do with Canada at all..

    • Gman says:

      Anyway, it is Toronto’s team, I think they should do what they think reps Toronto, not Canada. Other places in Canada dont really care too much about Ball. I mean the 2nd best city to have it was Van Grizziles and nobody came to the games, which resulted in losing the team.

  8. PeteFoGovna says:

    Black Red and a little, just a little, bit of Gold.

  9. Freddy5 says:

    I’m forced to live in Canada, and I wished that Québec would be an independent country. I don’t care about Canada, the flag (the maple leaf is actually a symbol that was created by a french canadian way before anglos arrived!), I don’t care about the Raptors, and NBA TV Canada (never any word of french on this channel) is making me wanna puke with this boring 24h a day content related to that damn Toronto team that nobody care about. Vive le Québec libre.

    • Harrison Cole says:

      Good luck with the Quebec independence thing there…

    • je ne sais quoi..... says:

      I didn’t realize this was a politics blog

    • Erex08 says:

      And you are a typical annoying Quebec separatist that everyone in Canada (aside from the french) despise. Go ahead and separate. You can fail as a nation with no resources to trade or support yourself with while the rest of Canada laughs at you. Enjoy.

    • Granby says:

      Relax mon fred

    • Johnson says:

      Quebec is the joke of Canada. You’re a bunch of fake French posers who wished they could actually be real French like those in France.

    • Chris says:

      I feel sorry for people like you with so much hate. You need help

    • callum says:

      Forced to live in Canada?Get a large grip . Buy your plane ticket and leave any time, i doubt you will be missed. Isn’t this completely typical of a Quebec native. They do not mind Canada at all when the hand is out accepting money from the federal gov’t or the free health care etc , etc etc. Quebec ,the biggest recipient of federal welfare in the country would be bankrupt in 2 years without federal subsidies
      As well,If you cannot stand the raptors why do you waste your precious time posting about them or even reading an article on them ? Get a life man.

    • bob says:

      gtfo then
      u hater

    • Strungout says:

      shut the hell up

    • Le suck says:

      You want to be separated but you want to use canadian money and get supported by the army too. haha le funny.

    • Go Away Quebec says:

      Forced to live here? What a joke. We don’t want you here anyway. In fact I would love if every one of you seperatist “Quebecers” picked up and left. Would make this great country a better place. Would clean up the “a-hole” of Canada thats for sure.

  10. General Manager says:

    SO it will look like the LAKERS Hollywood Nights Jersey 😐

  11. David Vet(Toronto) says:

    Red, Black and White are fine. What our team needs to do is change the name. It was chosen during the Jurrasic(Park) era. Dinosaurs were the hottest topic at that time and 8 year old’s and teenagers all over voted for a dino name. Now it is time for a change. Perhaps even use the original Huskies team. Any name suggestions?

    If the color needs to be changed, please stay away from all the cliche colors. Why not a Maple color? Sort of like the Mississippi Bulldogs color, and white.

  12. Skellington says:

    Black, Red and Gold could work. However, if they decide to use gold it should be as an accent colour and not a solid main colour. Solid gold jerseys would be ugly (Does anyone remember the silver Mavs jerseys?). I think if they replaced the silver accents on the Raptors jerseys with gold it would be a nice change and not too apparent.

  13. kanuk says:

    what?!! gold? may be good for the dancers, ala, the solid gold dancers but come on … lame, flash in the pan stuff …

    red, black and white. canada. keep it simple and solid toronto.

  14. B. says:

    The Raptors are leading their division, so the comment about winning games is rather moot. True, the division is beyond pathetic this year, but they are cruising, rather haphazardly towards a playoff spot.
    Trading Rudy Gay was a good move and I suspect more of them to follow. The Raptors needed a change. Colangelo was a great GM, but found that luring or keeping good plays up north was more than a challenge.

    As to the color change, Canadians need to feel different as they’re so similar to Americans; so, I guess wearing red is it? In light of that, I’d suggest a big albino dinosaur with red maple leaf heart and of course, Raptors written in French.

    I get a kick out of Eastern markets struggling with the salary cap. In a sport like baseball, the East outspends the competition and has an edge every year. The same sorts of gents run the Knicks, Celtics and Nets, but find the cap hard to deal with as they can’t just load up on all-star players.

    I do hope the Raptos do well in all seriousness. I grew up enjoying the exploits of Vince Carter and still watch many of their games and they’ll always be my second favorite team, next to my hometown Suns.

  15. B. says:

    In response Freddy5, you lost a war and then lost a fair vote. Get over it man and enjoy your life. At least everything in Québec is still written in French for your even constitution. Just stay in the eastern corner of the country and you’ll be OK. If that disheartens you, move to Angers, France and be happy. Talk about First-world Canadian problems. 😉 good luck and bonne année!

    “I’m forced to live in Canada, and I wished that Québec would be an independent country. I don’t care about Canada, the flag (the maple leaf is actually a symbol that was created by a french canadian way before anglos arrived!), I don’t care about the Raptors, and NBA TV Canada (never any word of french on this channel) is making me wanna puke with this boring 24h a day content related to that damn Toronto team that nobody care about. Vive le Québec libre.”

  16. Daffy says:

    They might as well rename them the Toronto Drakes while they’re at it. It’s hard to become attached to a team when they’re constantly changing. Leave the brand alone, make the team a contender and all will be good.

  17. Sen says:

    Black and Gold is a bad idea. Period.

  18. james says:

    How about changing the icon to a beaver?

  19. GT says:

    The first ever NBA game was played by the Toronto Huskies. I think that’s a great name! Represents Canada well. Huskies are strong, beautiful, cold adapted haha. A husky is much more fitting than a Raptor. Blue and white Toronto Husky colours!

  20. dustydreamnz says:

    Yeah, I liked the purple. They won’t be the only Canadian team for long so I don’t buy the red and white for that reason.

  21. Just sayin says:

    Black and Red look good maybe a darker shade of road jersey’s

  22. david says:

    Personally I think they need to go with blue and white to match the rest of the city’s sports franchises and to pay respect to the Toronto Huskies who played in the first ever NBA game.

  23. GO RAPS says:

    I ALSO live in Quebec, and contrarily to frenchie over here, I love Canada AND the Raptors! I wish Montreal had a team but we all know that will never happen… To that end, I would rather the Raptors keep the red and white because, whether you like it or not, they are the only team in Canada and they should represent the market which they cater to…

  24. Pak Meister says:

    Canadians aren’t patriotic people. I’m a canadian. I don’t care if it’s red & white as long as it looks good. Red & White is so boring to me….Let’s do this black & gold thang….gyeahhhhh!

  25. lucas says:

    Enough black already, spurs ok, then brooklyn, purple like before it’s ok

  26. Tominzon says:

    I think the Raptors need a new look an Gold and Black would be perfect for them.

  27. Candad Dry says:

    On behalf of all Canadians, I wish to apologize for comments of Freddy5. He represents the views of a tiny minority who could fit into the back booth at Denny’s with room to spare. He needs to be dunked—head first

  28. James says:

    DONT change the name or colours! Dont ruin the franchise! I actually love the name and colours – although I wish they would bring back purple and incorporate it into the jerseys more like the good old days! I love the RAPTORS and have since day one! dont ruin the franchise!! gold?!!?? smh

  29. Will says:

    Don’t change anything or bring back purple into it.

  30. Will says:

    The only reason people outside of Canada care about the Raptors is because they’re the “RAPTORS’ if you change to the Huskies or Canucks or something dumb like that, people outside of Canada won’t care, I’m a fan in the U.S. and the Raptors are my favorite team because of their colors, and because of their mascot, you take those away, I would even have trouble supporting them still.

  31. Will says:

    And maybe they can incorporate black in gold into an alternate jersey but that’s it.

  32. nick says:

    i think the raptors home jersey should be red and white and the raptors away jersey should be black and makes sense @home there in canada they can show there pride for the country and when there on the road they can wear those cool jerseys i would defenitly buy one i think if they change the jersey it will be a top seller but if they do then we wont show no pride for the country so this is a much better idea GO RAPS GO x3