Wolves Announcers Stunned By Lack Of Love For Love (UPDATED)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Mavericks at Minnesota game came down to a final shot attempt. Down 100-98, the Wolves ran an inbounds play for Kevin Love, who popped free and stepped left for a long jumper that would have sent the game to overtime. Dallas had Shawn Marion defending on the play. Marion dominated the Wolves offensively, racking up 32 points, but it was the defensive play he made against Love at the end of the game that had people talking.

Specifically, the Wolves television (Dave Benz and Jim Petersen) and radio (Alan Horton) announcers couldn’t stop talking about it, as you can hear in the clip below. They just couldn’t believe a foul wasn’t called on the play. BRUTAL.

UPDATE: Via the NBA, a statement on the play from Rod Thorn, NBA President of Basketball Operations: “Through postgame video review, we have determined that Minnesota’s Kevin Love was fouled on the right arm by Dallas’ Shawn Marion while attempting a two-point field goal.  Love should have been awarded two free throws with one second left on the clock.”

VIDEO: No Love For Love


  1. Love says:

    So, the NBA determined referees made a mistake, though everyone who watches can see that. What happens next? I mean it’s silly to proclaim a mistake and to do nothing about it. I don’t think there is any satisfaction in this for anyone, it’s actions teams and fans would appreciate in these types of situations. I mean the referees did not even review on the play. In situations like this it is extremely hard not to think there is not somekind of fraud behind it. I don’t know, if players get fined for their mistake on daily basis, why not referees?

    • Jorge says:

      Currently there is no review on this kind of plays. That would explain why there was no review on the play, but I agree with the sentiment that something should be in effect with referees that are incompetent like this crew seemed to be. An alternative is to give referees the power to actually review plays like this on special circumstances (last minute of game/overtime?) In the end, if referees whose calls significantly affect the outcome of any game during regular season are banned from the play-offs for example, it would make a real, tangible punishment.

      • Monk says:

        Instead of fines I think the offending refs should get points (similar to the technical fouls players) when they get to a certain number they have to speend a week or two in the D-league.

  2. Dave says:

    Disclaimer: I am from South Dakota (which means the Wolves are the hometown team) so I may be biased here. I have never been a fan of officials calling fouls on last second shots. My opinion has always been “if it goes, it goes.” But in this instance, Love was fouled BEFORE the shot attempt. The foul prevented the shot from even going up. That is something that needs to be called even in a last second situation. If Love was going to hurl the ball 3/4 of the court, well maybe the officials should let that go. But that was a quality and legitimate shot attempt and I agree that he should have had two free throws.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Refs should be fined hugely for missing calls or making incorrect calls in the course of a game, players are fined for arguing calls, so refs should be fined for getting calls wrong, especially when it determines the course of a game. It is stupid to say it should have been called a foul…. whats the point of that? Review it and fine if the call was blatantly wrong, which is definitely the case here for Love….

  4. lhool says:

    i hope this mistake will serve, hope it will be THE LAST of this type.
    and yes, maybe love deserves a little more respect. i’m sure if he was less white, with the “limited natural abilities” things and all. it smells tolerated racism

  5. Jason says:

    Of course the refs messed up but we all mess up once in a while in our jobs/lives don’t we? What I want to know is why they weren’t equipped with the power to watch the replay and make the correct call? What good is NBA replay if it can’t save the final play that determines an incorrect outcome of the game?

  6. fedizzle says:

    do we need any more proof why NBA officiating is the worst in pro sports?

  7. RefsareBiased says:

    Dear NBA,

    This is an example of a situation wherein a foul should have been called. Please punish the refs who are not doing their job as you fine players who are arguing against calls. It is an important regular season game for the Wolves and it felt like their team was disrespected. REVISE YOUR RULES.

  8. Stew says:

    Since the league decided they needed to announce that the questionable call should have been called a foul why didn’t they announce that the refs blew the non call a play earlier when Martin fouled Monta on a layup, then turned around and gave Monta a technical for saying something about it. So please Minnesota stop acting as if this is the Garnet vs Lakers refs.

    • Monk says:

      Exactly. More than one call was missed in this game, Everyone needs to stop acting like it would be fair to only revisit this one.

  9. Simonizer says:

    If the refs made a wrong or missed call, this is not fair to the losing team, I hope NBA should review this situation and determine maybe a tie game, this is the best decision and fair to both teams.

  10. Anthon Norman says:

    If it was lebron james. it was called for sure 200% sure

  11. LJ says:

    Officials should be held accountable for non-calls and bogus calls. If players can be fined for flopping, officials should be too.

  12. JRich says:

    as a person who plays basketball this is so frustrating that refs dont call anything on the last few secs of a close game cause that is when majority of fouls take place. But if K Love react in a negative way the league would’ve been quick to fine Love and talk about suspension depending on what he did negative.

  13. Mike Ruhl says:

    That’s why, after all these years, I still prefer to listen to radio broadcasts of games. BRUTAL!!!

  14. KLRR says:

    It’s a shame that this incident happened again in Target arena. First was the one when Minnesota was up against the L.A Lakers.If anyone remembers what happened back then please feel free to put as much detail as you can to the story, all I can remember is that the Lakers were leading by two I think, the Wolves went to Rubio for the last shot, he was fouled, it was really obvious, and there was no call, after two days the nba said that it was indeed a foul. It’s just disappointing that with our technology today, why couldn’t the refs review the play when Kevin Love shot the ball. Who knows? Maybe the T-Wolves would’ve made a comeback in OT if Kevin Love did make those free throws IF he GOT the CALL.

  15. will says:

    from a mavs fan, yup, that was a foul. refs should’ve been fined or suspended. it affected the game directly…. not the mavs’ fault though, so we’ll take the win. the lakers have always been beneficiaries of these kinds of calls through the years.i just hope it doesn’t happen again.