Nuggets Struggling Since Switching To Healthy Diet

Indiana Pacers v Denver Nuggets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’ve spent a large portion of my life in NBA locker rooms and around NBA players. I’ve also spent a large portion of my life eating, so if anyone is qualified to, ahem, weigh in on this next story, it’s probably me.

At the beginning of December, Nuggets coach Brian Shaw was searching for an excuse for the Nuggets consistently getting off to slow starts in games. According to this story, filed about a week after the incident, Shaw came through the locker room before a game and saw the players indulging in what some may consider an unhealthy diet. So he banned it.

Last week, he walked through the locker room, saw players eating pizza and nachos and believed the poor diet to be the cause. So he picked up all the junk food and threw it in the trash.

The Nuggets had fresh salads with chicken breast and cold cut sandwiches before Monday’s game. The sluggish result was the same.

So what we learn from this is that eating poorly before games was not the reason the Nuggets were starting games poorly. I’ve been in hundreds of NBA locker rooms before games, and if I had to pick the pregame meal I’ve seen consumed most often, it would probably be chicken fingers. I believe this is because while teams often have large (and nominally healthy) meals catered following games, before games players usually have to send a ballboy to a concession stand to get them food, and chicken fingers are sold in almost every arena around the league.

(Granted, pizza and nachos are probably even less healthy than chicken fingers, I think? Not sure. I better eat all three to find out.)

Bigger picture, however, this has not been a fruitful move for the Nuggets. As the sleuths at Reddit did the detective work, the Nuggets have been in a tailspin since Shaw turned into Richard Simmons. From Reddit’s deductions, the Nuggets have gone 1-8 since going healthy.

Now sure, part of that might be because they played some tough opponents over that stretch (Miami, Golden State, Oklahoma City, etc.), but there definitely seems like a pretty clear line between pizza and nachos and losing.

The only obvious solution: A pregame pizza and nachos feast before the next game. And if they lose that one, just ban food altogether.

(via B/R)


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    No George Karl, no Andre Iguadola, no Danico Gallinari…yet.

  2. Jon says:

    How about not firing the couch of the year…

  3. Jorge says:

    Having a coach who knows the personnel, who manages the players correctly and who knows who to play and when to play them. A coach whom players trust and who is knowledgeable. All these are missing this year.

    Its funny to think that Javel McGee had his best seasons when playing under Karl guide, even with the very limited minutes, every time McGee came to play it was a thrill because you could see him being valued; somehow for the owners this was unacceptable because they were paying McGee too much for him to be on the bench and so they fired the Coach of the Year (not couch @Jon 😉 ).

    I hope it is the learning curve, but whatever the new coach is doing, he certainly is not getting anything resembling a working system. The up-tempo style of last year is all but gone, I hope they figure it out soon, because Denver is no longer one of those must-watch teams of last year.

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