The Next Level Of The Alley-Oop

VIDEO: Check out out the best off-the-glass alley oops

It’s always been thought that if you can make those around you better, everyone wins. And there’s no better way to do that in the NBA than sharing the ball and putting your teammates in position to thrive. À la, the alley-oop.

What we’re starting to see lately in the NBA is an evolution of sorts of that all-to-familiar notion. Sure, Lob City  is always fun. But now that we’re into the new year, it’s all about pushing things forward. And this season, we’ve been bearing witness to some creative two-way hook-ups: backboard alley-oops.

Pistons tandem Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond kicked things off early in the season with one of the showiest of Showtime plays you’ve probably ever seen on the L.A. hardwood. Not to be outdone, Isaiah Thomas and new Kings high-flyer Derrick Williams brought the Hollywood show to northern Cali with their own backboard rendition.

As they’ve shown before, this is nothing new for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who have taken a keen liking to the glass connection. They’ve pulled it off not once, but twice this season, with the second edition coming in front of a national audience on Christmas Day for all to see.

Is this the start of something big? Only time will tell. But at this point, there’s a new alley-oop sheriff in town and it’s being joined by its newest partner in crime, the backboard.

As always, make sure to check out the Dunk HQ, our rolling countdown of the season’s best jams!


  1. WEi says:

    T-Mac and Vince Carter did it quite often in the All-Star games back in the day…

  2. Baller says:

    Go D.Wade and LBJ!!!

  3. tonythejet says:

    I chose Jennings to Drummond, because, of all of them, it was really using the backboard as a tool, rather than just a flashy option.

  4. Oman says:

    Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin of New Jersey Nets was doing this way back 2001 and 2002. T-Mac did throw those alley-oops to himself but not sure if he did it with a team mate.

  5. Elie says:

    How about Tmacs off the backboard dunk is the best?

  6. Sanford says:

    it’s like nothing compare to Vince Carter Windmill Alley-oop

  7. kevin says:

    can imagine lbj and wades at practice:

    wade: lbj my balllllll is comin at ya
    lbj: oh yeaaaa, bounce it off the wall, im gonna put both of my hands all over it boooyaaaa!!