Durant Won’t Stop Blocking Little Kids

By Jonathan Hartzell, NBA.com

Everyone has their vices.

For some, it’s food. Others turn to shopping or alcohol or gambling.

But Kevin Durant? He blocks small children.

First, there was this:

Now, there’s this against his niece:

Slowly but surely, Durant is ensuring that no child in his presence will ever have self-confidence.

Great job, Kevin!


  1. joanneemery says:


  2. heat all day says:

    messed up

  3. Mark says:

    Haha KD

  4. lhool says:

    great job indeed. but hey he is a egostar nba player, skinny giant C/PF going SF, unfair is the mark. (don’t like when someone tells: man why you play SF with your size ? -meeeeeh i’m small i’m not so tall.” –WRONG. you are tall but not enough body

    • skrutz says:

      What? Durant, ego? Why doesn’t EVERY big player play a smaller position? Simple, they can’t play it. He, along with LeBron, are freak athletes. Their abilities allow them to keep up with/dominate at SF.

  5. OKC says:

    Ha that’s how my dad taught me to play ball.

  6. Jintan says:

    Funny but at the same time is like “WHY!!?”

  7. bryan says:

    cool…teach them early…that’s basketball…you can block…and sometimes you get blocked…

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    I think it’s good because there’s too much, ‘the main thing is to participate’.

  9. felix says:

    KD IS THE BEST. NEVER LETTING UP NO MATTER WHO U R if ur lebron or even 5 years old

  10. r says:

    it’s better for the kid to get his shot blocked so he tries harder on the next shot! i’m sure he doesn’t block 100% of them so it’s KDs way of making the kids better. and i’m not even an OKC fan. #heatnation

  11. LIKEMIKE says:

    I would be honored to be blocked by KD lol

  12. jaggy says:

    damn. way to go KD. shatter childrens dreams

  13. Hawks26 says:

    That’s funny but kinda sad too…But then again what 5 year old kid doesn’t want to get blocked by an NBA Superstar 3x their height..

  14. sports fan says:

    We don’t get to see the whole video and we all know that in the end KD lets the kids put up a shot without him blocking it. Some people here are taking this way too seriously. It’s very obvious that KD and the kids are all having fun.