Mamba Doesn’t Have Bones

This just goes to show that a little time is all you need to get over anger, frustration and disappointment. After visibly showing his displeasure with Evan Turner‘s last-second, rubbing-it-in jam, the Lakers’ in-house Laugh Factory resident Nick “Swagy P” Young was back to his old, quirky self. This time Young steps into the shoes of injured Lakers star Kobe Bryant and does an interview as if he is the Mamba himself.



You have to appreciate the “humility” of Young, because we all know Kobe would never say anybody is better than he is. Even with a broken leg.
(h/t Bleacher Report)


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Outstanding. He’s back in my good books, couldn’t stand it when he had a crack at Evan Turner.

  2. Paul says:

    Lakers, keep this guy, please!!!

  3. KOb says:

    Not in his

  4. Jakki Cee says:

    Love “SwaggyP”

  5. Yes says:

    The only positive thing on the Lakers this season is Nick! And to think that people said he is a bad player for the Lakers…

  6. grstoner says:

    Gotta love Swaggy P… lotta fun on and off the court.

  7. Truth Teller says:

    Yea, I love Swaggy P. Dude has a great attitude, and it’s clear when he’s out there he wants to win. I hope the Lakers keep him. There are a couple of guys right now that I like a lot and hope they keep.

  8. Owusu B. says:

    Is Nick better than u?
    Not in this lifetime.

    haha, simply awesome