A Brief History Of The Heat’s Videobomb Mastery

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the last few months we have faithfully chronicled the Miami Heat as they’ve videobombed their way through the season. They do it because they a celebrating a win, sure, but they also do it because it throws a fun wrinkle into an otherwise rote postgame interview.

Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick caught up with most of the principles involved for a fun history of the Heat’s videobombing. As Heat sideline reporter Jason Jackson tells Skolnick, “I don’t want any injuries connected to the videobomb. But I think they should continue to show enjoyment. They’re not upstaging their opponent. They’re not being derogatory, they’re just having fun, because they truly, really enjoy each other. This is unique. And the core of it is those three guys making sure everyone can have fun. Now, the fun can be rough sometimes, but it’s neat. The limit is I don’t think they’ll be bringing in Cirque du Soleil equipment or training staff, but their creativity has no bounds, as we know.”

Which videobomb has been the best? There are many themes to choose from, including wheelbarrows, mops and cartwheels. Yet Jackson goes with the recent one that followed the Heat’s last-second win on the road in Portland, when Chris Bosh was given the James Brown treatement by LeBron and Wade

VIDEO: Bosh Gets Brown Treatment


  1. Watt Killiams says:

    I’m a Celtics fan, so it’s hard to cheer for the Heat. However, they know how to have a good time. I bet that locker room is hilarious!!

  2. If you never hooked up from your car, check “auto heart” on android. It is not for cowards.

  3. Przemek says:

    It’s nice to see how great and funny players they are. Wish them third championship in a row.

  4. Starens says:

    That’s what it is. Winning and having fun### lets go Heat for 3peat !!!

  5. albert segovia says:

    good team mate, makes good winning..keep it up guys,

  6. no1heatfun says:

    Go Heat! haha.. really shows how fun this team is. #3peat

  7. Chicago Bulls says:

    I’ve never seen this before, even on the great chicago bulls trio of Jordan, Pippen & Rodman. See how heat enjoying their company. GO GO GO FOR 3PEAT!!!

  8. zero says:

    having fun and winning,on in miami……nice to see the brotherhood

  9. Game Time says:

    Shaq had that kind of attitude and try to bring some fun to his teammates. Kobe of course killed that.

  10. LIambron says:

    winning starts when you’re having fun..

  11. Haitian Born Miami Breed says:

    I’ve been a Heat fan since I’ve known what basketball was and I must say this is the most Charismatic team Miami has had in my 35 yrs.. Love my Heat no matter the results of this season!

  12. c says:

    This is why I love these guys