DeMarcus Cousins Gets Out The All-Star Vote

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With just weeks remaining until the 2014 All-Star Game in New Orleans, time is running out for hopefuls to accumulate enough votes to make it into the starting line-ups. According to the most recent results, Sacramento big man DeMarcus Cousins was in 12th place among Western Conference big men, which might explain why in this new video, Cousins seems to be taking a one-to-one approach to getting out the vote…

VIDEO: Cousins Gets Out Vote

(via TNLP)


  1. moyo says:

    so shaq-esque

  2. ChrisTx says:

    I believe he should be an All Star but that Team Record is a big affect on it.
    All Star should show his Team has a winning record.

  3. Emilio says:

    Why are all the people white? Are there only black people in Sacramento the mayor and DMC? Strange…

  4. Eric says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge: 37.0min 23.2pts (.471 .800) 11.0reb 2.9ast 0.9stl 0.8blk 1.6TO — All Star
    DeMarcus Cousins: 31.7min 23.1pts (.499 .715) 11.4reb 3.1ast 1.8stl 1.0blk 3.5TO — not???

  5. LeggoHeat says:

    Well just because Aldridge is in a winning team.

    • But says:

      That may be the case, but he might just be the best center in the NBA, or at least right up there with Dwight Howard. Considering that, as well as his statline, i think he should be an all star

  6. Lakersince76 says:

    Sooooo The Knicks have a good record? Carmelo will make the AS team. Cousins might be the best center in the league period. Sometimes AS voting is total BS. Cousins is the best combo center in the league. Power and Skills. I’m saying this and I’m a Laker fan

  7. Kalbo!! says:

    Have you guys forgotten the word “star” on it meaning it’s all about popularity. Notoriety is a different thing.

  8. Stuart says:

    Maybe some of you forget that Aldridge is on a winning team because he makes them a winning team?