Jeremy Lin Signs With Adidas, Goes All In

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Linsanity may have ended, but Jeremy Lin is still playing well (averaging 14 point per game) for the Houston Rockets, and is very popular in the US and abroad. When Lin’s Nike contact ended recently, adidas made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to join the three stripes. And to show the world his commitment to the brand, Lin teamed up with some of his adidas-wearing Rockets teammates to make an Instagram video displaying a new haircut. (BTW, since Iman Shumpert has been down this road before, I’m wondering if that hairstyle is gone by the next time we see Lin play.)


  1. Wm. Thomas Hill says:

    Next summer when Lin does his promitional tour in Asia, I wonder if Lin would be interested in dropping by the factories in Indonesia where Adidas shoes are made with a translator to examine the working conditions for himself.

    • Sharpie says:

      I bet those workers are happy they have a job. Adidas follows the law in those countries. I don’t see you lobbying those countries leaders for higher work safety. However you sit there and talk crap about a company who pays a foreign company/factory money to make their product. You don’t join the military then complain when you have to go to war. Fact is no one is forcing those people to work in that factory. They can quit and/or strike anytime they want. It seems to me that people like you are spoiled. Unsafe working conditions are things over half the world has to deal with. Educate yourself about countries other than your own.

  2. mee(a)t says:

    next injury in line

  3. tanny says:

    Nike is the biggest brand in the US and Lin may have decided to go with adidas but more money can be made with the Jordan brand and nike. If you are talking about working conditions try Malaysia, India, where conditions will be far worse for.