JR Smith Keeps Trying To Untie Shoes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the weekend, cameras caught Knicks guard J.R. Smith untying Shawn Marion‘s shoe just before a free throw attempt. Marion then played two possessions with a shoe untied, before a break in play allowed him the time to fix his kick. This apparently drew a warning to Smith from the NBA, although there was no fine or suspension. And for his part, Smith admitted on Twitter that the ol’ shoelace trick is something he does had been doing regularly…

So in last night’s Knicks game against Detroit, as soon as Smith checked in during the first quarter, he ran over to line up for a free throw, stood next to Pistons big Greg Monroe, and went straight for the shoelace …

VIDEO: Smith Tries To Untie Shoe Again

This time, we should note, Smith was foiled by some fancy footwork from Monroe. Whether Smith will draw a warning about not untying shoes remains to be seen. One idea for Knicks’ opponents to perhaps add to their scouting reports: Double-knot your laces.


  1. blakskorpion says:


  2. TurkishGamer says:

    That should be a heavy fine and I don’t know what the NBA is thinking. This is a move that is not a part of basketball and is also dangerous to play. It’s kind of like a below the belt hit in boxing and should be punished.

    And if it matters which it really doesn’t , I am a New Yorker for 17 years.

  3. HAHA says:


  4. hellon says:

    Oh come on,fine for untying someone’s shoes?Damn,you must be fun at the parties…

  5. MonteCurry says:

    Someone should untie his face.

  6. Brian Matthews says:

    I would have pushed Smith over,….F a fine, F getting tossed out the game,….Marion could have really hurt himself,….I’ve played basketball & there was a incident while no one untied the players shoes,…his laces came undone, & when he tried to step up and jump for a rebound, someone was stepped on those laces, the player slightly went airborne, fell face first and broke his jaw on the floor,…..

    And that is why I’m glad the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans gave up on him and got rid of him,….never liked him,…..he’s a ball hogging selfish player,….and a team will not win as long as he is in the rotation killing minutes, not playing team ball,….

    If the Knicks keep Smith,….I hope Carmelo Anthony decides to leave,….he’ll never get that ring with Smith as a teammate,…

  7. Jaycob Silva says:

    hahah thats a technique…do you guys think that untying someones shoe is easy? can you guys do that ? huh?

  8. Skellington says:

    The NBA needs to suspend this clown for endangering other players. It’s all fun and games now when the player notices him doing it and continues playing with the untied shoe. What happens when he does this to a star player who gets injured (even slightly) from this “tactic”? I could see someone jumping up for a rebound after a free throw and coming down awkwardly on a loose shoe and twisting an ankle. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an ankle.

  9. Joe says:

    He probably got the shoe untying idea from that green bay packers player a couple years ago. It annoyed the heck out of the Detroit lions linebacker, Suh. So much so that he snapped and got a technical call or fine on something stupid.

  10. richard says:

    stupid he my fav player but just STUPID MAN

  11. MIKE says:


  12. Dennis says:

    He can’t be very focused on his game if he is looking for those sort of opportunities all the time.

  13. I feel that JR needs help. apparently he has some issues that need to be dealt with. Someone should try to reach out to this young man in love. He is a good player and need discipline as far as rules of the game.

  14. J Stella says:

    Can anyone say “childish”?

  15. Sean says:

    Let the dude have fun! He’s untying shoes for everyone to see and notice. Some one might trip and get hurt a little, but it is basketball man up. You guys probably love when Lebron whines about getting hit to hard too? All you guys saying he is selfish are a bit crazy, I might add. He is playing with Carmelo and he is a 6th man score first guard! HE IS SUPPOSE TO BE GREEDY! Thats why they bring him in the game, cause when he is hot, boy is he going to put points up quickly.

  16. nick says:

    it makes no sense JR SMITH got fined for just joking around with someone . But when Dwight Howard started dunking and blocking on a kid he dosent get fined. And even Lebron James didnt get fined when he kissed a fan or did all of the crazy things he always does

  17. Queen Vee says:

    LMFAOO, yall got to slow down, it aint even that serious, its a joke ! I think its funny af, to be honest if he untied my shoelace i’d do the same back to him. & Jaycob lmaooo you childish foo, talmbout theres a technique to untying a shoe… but anyways yall takin it waaay to seriously, maybe its because yall grown and im not but, i think its not that big of a deal. Just fine him, its the same as a slap on the wrist.