LeBron Kisses A Fan (Again)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One thing that separates the NBA from pretty much every other sport is that in the NBA, the players are incredibly close to the fans — well, if you can afford the good seats. This means the occasional player diving into the second row, or sliding into the feet of the courtside fans. Last night when the Heat played the Pelicans, after LeBron James scored his 30th point of the game, he found himself up close and personal with a fan in the front row who appeared to want a photo. LeBron complied, and sealed it with a kiss …

VIDEO: LeBron Kisses Fan

Worth noting? This wasn’t LeBron’s first time setting up a courtside kissing booth. Check out this moment from back in April of 2009 …

VIDEO: LeBron’s Earlier Fan Kiss


  1. Paul says:

    This means that LeBron is having marriage problems! 🙂

  2. crazyballa says:

    ill admit, i could not think of an insult to lebron right here

  3. Akron Big Mike #1 Fan Of LBJ says:

    Hey, That’s what he do. The king loves his fans and it shows in his actions. Keep on Labron and show the love of God that’s in you.

  4. cp10 says:

    Woman’s lucky she didn’t break her collarbone.. that’s a 260lb giant of a man right there