Wolves Out To Prove Kevin Love Is An All-Star Starter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are only a few weeks of All-Star voting left, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are doing their best to get out the vote for their power forward Kevin Love. According to the most recent returns, Love was just a few thousand votes behind Blake Griffin for the third starter spot in the West. With this new video posted today, the Wolves are trying to round up any last-minute votes…

VIDEO: Kevin Love For NBA All-Star


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Should be a starter. No brainer I would have thought.

  2. benjo says:

    nba team records dont lie.if kevin love is putting up stellar numbers.why is it that the twolves is not even in the playoff picture.

  3. Boston Fan says:

    The whole fan voting for the all star team is just rubbish all the big market teams like Miami and LA get all the votes for there players. Kobe Bryant has played only a few games and he has the most votes in the west, Kevin love or lemarcus aldrdge should easily be starting for the allstar team but they aren’t because ones in minnasotta and the other is in Portland…. both small market teams.